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Exercise, Diabetes, Cancer and Autophagy: A Fascinating Connection

I can already see the yawn forming: exercise again? we know it; it's good for you, it makes you feel better because of endorphins,...

Diabetes Awareness Ribbon Claimed the Color Blue

Pink is for breast cancer, red is for heart disease, purple for pancreatic cancer, and now, blue is for diabetes.
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Cleveland Clinic’s 2012 Top 10 Healthcare Innovations

Every year the Cleveland Clinic announces the top 10 innovations that their experts think will impact healthcare the most in the following year. Here are the winners for 2012.
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Line It and Lose – a New Approach to Weight Loss

EndoBarrier, a duodenal-jejunal bypass liner is a new arrow in the weight loss and Type 2 Diabetes management quiver.

GWAS—Fulfilling the Promise of Personalized Medicine

GWAS sounds like some exotic African or South American disease that we learned about in medical school. But it isn't. It stands for Genome-wide Association Study.

Bill Bestermann, MD – A Physician and a Scholar

People like Bill Bestermann not only contribute to the advancement of medical science, but they also serve to inspire future generations of physicians.
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In Praise of the Old Fashioned: Diuretics are Still the Best

Diuretics offer greater protection against cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, and are at least as effective for lowering blood pressure as newer, more expensive medications.

At Last, An Explanation of How Stress Causes Obesity

It is a well-known phenomenon: people under stress hit the fridge, and gorge on candy and fatty food...Research finds that NPY is the link between stress and obesity.

Et Tu, Chris ?

Dr. Dov Michaeli lists some excerpts from Chris Matthews' interview with Dan Gligoff about his diagnosis with type 2 diabetes.
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Where is the Al Gore of Obesity When You Need Him

With the global epidemic of childhood obesity, we are now seeing this type of diabetes in children, some as young as pre-school. 
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Why Don’t Sumo Wrestlers Die of Heart Disease?

Weighing at 400-lbs or more, received wisdom dictates that these people are sitting ducks for diabetes and heart disease.

The Latest Stem Cell Breakthrough: What Is In It For You?

The latest breakthrough in stem cell therapy is a paradigm shift in reprogramming cells, and will relatively soon result in patient-specific pluripotent cell therapy.