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Coffee: Your Passport to Health and Longevity

Many scientific studies document the health benefits of coffee including a lower risk of diabetes, arrhythmias & dementia. It also may increase longevity.

Reimagining Blood Pressure Measurement – The Nueon Story

Nueon, has come up with a better, probably more accurate and clinically relevant, way of obtaining a blood pressure measurement.

Glooko: Linking Blood Glucose to What’s Happening in Your Life

Patients can then useGlooko to contextualize the glucose readings by adding lifestyle information that surrounds the time the measurement was taken: what they ate, how many carbs they ingested, what medications they took, whether they were exercising.

Breakthrough: Insulin-producing Cells from Stem Cells

A major breakthrough has been made by generating massive amounts of insulin-producing beta cells from embryonic stem cells. Cure is close at hand.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes and Data Dysfunction

Data activist, Anna McCollister-Slipp, describes the challenge of living with Type 1 diabetes when data she needs is silo'd and difficult to access.

This Glucometer is Yofi and that is Fantastic!

The YofiMeter is a glucometer and more. Because it is a cellular device and has Bluetooth capability, it serves as a data hub for people with diabetes.
Omada Health Team

Omada’s Goal – to be the 1st Genentech for Digital Health

Omada Health is a digital health company that combines evidence based behavioral science with great design and technology to help people manage chronic conditions, such as prediabetes. They are pioneering the field of digital therapeutics.
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How Does Exercise Benefit The Body?

How does the exercising muscle affect the metabolism of brown fat despite the anatomical separation of the two tissues?

The Little Molecule That Could: The Story of BAIBA

This particular molecule increases the expression of calorie-burning genes in fat cells
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Why Some Low-Income People Don’t Eat Healthy

Four major themes explain why low-income people don't eat healthy A small, qualitative study on “Challenges to Health Eating for People with Diabetes in a...
Omada Health Team

Omada Health Takes the Diabetes Prevention Program Digital

Prevent, by Omada Health, combines the evidence-based approach of the original DPP with the convenience and efficiency of internet.
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Patient-Centered Mobile Apps for Chronic Illness

Here are 3 patient-centered mobile apps that should one day be part of every medical home: WellDoc's Diabetes Manager, iHeadache, and Asthmapolis.