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How to Integrate Teledentistry into Your Dental Practice

Teledentistry will remain a viable approach to dental care even after the pandemic due to the many benefits it offers dentists and patients.
child's filling falls out pediatric dentist

What to Do if Your Child’s Filling Falls Out

If your child's filling falls out, stay calm, be soothing, and ease the pain. Here are some simple tips you can follow until you see your pediatric dentist.
bad breath related to food

10 Reasons for Bad Breath and What You Can Do About...

Bad breath is common and distressing, however, once you figure out the cause, there are steps to take to make go away and prevent it from returning.
periodontitis systemic disease man getting teeth cleaned

The Relationship Between Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases

A new understanding of the oral microbiome is shedding light on the relationship between periodontitis & systemic diseases, such as CVD, COPD, and cancer.
teledentistry invisible aligners

Teledentistry Makes It Possible to Straighten Your Teeth from Home

Teledentistry is being used to straighten teeth at home. For certain patients, it is a less costly, more convenient alternative to traditional orthodontia.

The Water Flosser: A Great Alternative for Floss Haters

Eighteen percent of people would rather wash dishes and 14% would rather clean toilets than floss. Water flossing offers a more palatable alternative.
Flouride little girl oral health dental chair

What Does Fluoride Actually Do for Your Oral Health?

There's evidence on both sides of the fluoride debate that can help you arrive at your own conclusion about the safety & effectiveness of fluoride for oral health.
close up of dental tools - VA dental benefits

What Veterans Should Know About VA Dental Care Benefits

Veteran dental care benefits can be quite confusing. Dr. Greg Grillo has written a primer that can help you access the benefits that you qualify for.

Oral Health & Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy can have adverse effects on the oral cavity so moms-to-be should be extra vigilant about their oral health during that time.

Invisalign: Everything You Need to Know

There are many advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces for achieving a healthy, attractive smile. However, they are not appropriate for everyone.
Smiling woman at dentist office 2121 x 1414

10 Popular Teeth Whitening Myths That are Just Plain Wrong

Many popular teeth whitening myths are just plain wrong. Get the facts by consulting a dentist you trust before embarking on any whitening treatments.
Young woman eating apple healthy teeth 1500 x 998

12 Easy Diet Tips for Healthy, Strong Teeth

If you have been following your oral care regimen faithfully and are still fighting decay, what you’re eating could be contributing to your cavities.