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Obama’s “Senior Moment”?

Yesterday The President gave his usually eloquent speech, this time to the U.N. General Assembly. At one point, if you listened closely, you would...

Cinnamon Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease: Fact or Fancy?

A few days ago I received a breathless call inquiring about reports in the media that cinnamon can prevent, or even cure Alzheimer’s disease....

The Latest Stem Cell Breakthrough: What Is In It For You?

The latest breakthrough in stem cell therapy is a paradigm shift in reprogramming cells, and will relatively soon result in patient-specific pluripotent cell therapy.
obesity and memory loss

Is Obesity Deadly? Here We Go Again…

Investigators published a paper that shook the foundations of our long-held beliefs; they found that death rates due to overweight and obesity were actually lower than death rates due to underweight.

Aerobic Exercise Builds Brain Power

Aerobic exercise increases the integration and coordination of the right and left brains and, thus, increases cognitive efficiency.