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Google, Big Data, and Public Health

Noah Rue - 9/5/2019 - 0

Google isn’t the only tech company with ambitions to improve public health but it’s one of the most visible companies making concerted efforts to enter the field.

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healthcare cybersecurity 2000 x 1333 px

Healthcare’s 2019 Top Cybersecurity Threats and What to Do About Them

Larry Whiteside - 5/9/2019 - 0

Although predictions of growing cybersecurity threats continue to raise alarms in the healthcare sector, there are clear, proactive steps organizations can take to protect themselves.

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Graphic of medical data security 1500 x 1000

How to Protect Sensitive Medical Data

Howard Dawson - 3/1/2019 - 1

These recommendations will help healthcare organizations protect their infrastructure against breaches that can severely impact privacy standards.

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Hospital corridor (1500 x 1125

Hospitals Must Protect Patients and Their Information

Chris Scalise - 2/4/2019 - 1

Healthcare facilities continually face both physical and cyber threats. They must be prepared to protect both patients and their information.

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The Promise of Failure Analysis in Healthcare

Brian Baker - 10/18/2018 - 0

The makers of Learjet collect data & program what is learned about critical system failures in order to improve flight safety. Healthcare should do the same.

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5 Ways to Improve Patient Data Security

Sophie Ross - 10/9/2018 - 0

These five security practices help organizations address imminent risks to data privacy, keep pace with continually evolving threats & protect patients’ personal information.

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How to Have a Successful Analytics System Implementation

Bethany Durst - 9/20/2018 - 1

A sophisticated analytics system can help healthcare organizations predict and manage costs as well as clinical outcomes but implementation can be challenging.

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Data cloud and doctor on a blue background. 2000 x 1333

Is It Safe to Store Protected Health Data in the Cloud

David McHale - 6/20/2018 - 1

Cloud storage can be a valuable asset to medical organizations but substantial due diligence must be performed before storing HiPAA-protected records with a vendor.

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Data Tracking: The Future of Healthcare?

Bill Hess - 4/4/2018 - 0

Big data tracking of millions of people holds the promise of inspiring new ways to approach prevention. However, it also has the potential of wreaking havoc on the lives of the very people it was designed to help.

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How To Properly Protect Patient Data

Daphne Stanford - 3/5/2018 - 4

Patients must feel confident in the knowledge that their personal data is secure and private, accessible only to them and their immediate healthcare providers. How can clinics, hospitals, and administrators ensure their information is kept out of the wrong hands?

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woman doctors hands tablet on desk

LiveStories Empowers Organizations to Make Data Useful

Adnan Mahmud - 2/15/2018 - 0

The power of data is undeniable. It can shape policy, inform public discourse, and disprove or confirm long-held beliefs about the world around us, but data alone won’t save a single life. LiveStories’ mission is to empower organizations present data in a visual, interactive, and easily accessible way.

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Patient hand technology (1500 x 1000)

Big Data’s Promise for Potential in Healthcare

Noah Rue - 11/21/2017 - 0

Over the next 5-10 years, the synergy between data analytics and technology will continue to expand leading to greatly improved healthcare around the world.

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