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Four IT Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations in 2018

Healthcare IT professionals have one of the hardest jobs in the industry, carrying huge responsibilities. Here are four major challenges they are facing in 2018.
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How A.I. and Cybersecurity are Transforming Healthcare

While technological disruption may have gotten the healthcare industry into this mess, it could also be the very thing that delivers the industry from it.
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8 Simple Tips to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Strong passwords, anti-virus software, common sense, and a keen sense of caution can protect you against cyber attacks, phishing scams, and other cons.
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Can Patient Safety Be Protected After a Cyber Attack?

What physicians and hospital staff need to know in order to protect patient safety if all patient care data vanish after a cyber attack.
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What We Can Learn from the WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Use of old software and failure to implement security updates played an important role in the success of the recent relatively unsophisticated WannaCry ransomware attacks.
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Update Your Cybersecurity Precautions with These Five Basic Steps

In 2017, the security race between hackers and healthcare is going stronger than ever, but it's not too late to secure your organization's network if you move quickly and deliberately.
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Your Most Valuable Cybersecurity Assets are Human, Not Technical

The biggest threat to healthcare IT security is the human element. Here are a variety of strategies that can be employed to improve employee cyber-behavior.

Fear, Failures, and Phishing in Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology is improving but not as fast as it should be. Experts speaking at HealthIMPACT say that we need to address the factors that are holding it back.
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7 Ways to Create a Cybersecurity Culture in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest targets for cyber criminals, and whether you run a small practice or a large hospital, your organization is at risk. Here are some ways to create a culture of cybersecurity.
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Is HHS’ New Cybersecurity Initiative Too Little Too Late?

ONC's new cybersecurity protection grant programs are too complex, too slow and way underfunded.
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Cyber Liability Insurance Needs to Be More Affordable

Cyber liability insurance is available to organizations worried about breaches, loss of data and ransom attacks but risk must be managed to make premiums affordable.
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The High Cost of Ransomware Attacks – It’s Much More Than...

There are 3 options after a ransomware attack: Restore if you can, pay if you are able, or lose everything. Preventing attacks in the first place is the best option of all.