The Challenge of Fitness Training in the Age of COVID-19

Rebecca G. Breslow, M.D. - 4/12/2020 - 10

Navigating proper precautions for COVID-19, including social distancing, while maintaining fitness training can be daunting – here are some tips.

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COVID-19: Key Elements for Optimal Protection of Healthcare Workers

Nouf Moh’d Khalifeh, MD - 4/4/2020 - 0

Recommendations for the optimal protection of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are based on a review of the published experience.

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How to Stay Safe and Sane in the COVID-19 Age

Paul S. Auerbach, MD - 4/3/2020 - 1

Emergency physician and expert in disaster medicine, Paul Auerbach, M.D., provides rules of the road for staying safe and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Healthcare Workers Say They’ll Be Fired If They Wear Their Own Masks

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/1/2020 - 1

Healthcare workers who risk their lives by showing up for work are being threatened with firing for trying to protect themselves with their own masks.

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