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Drug Rebates: New Executive Order Only Addresses Part of the Problem

Steven R. Newmark, JD, MPA - 8/23/2020 - 0

Drug rebates often mean consumers pay more for drugs. Manufacturers raise list prices to cover PBM rebates. We pay a percent of list price.

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reshaping healthcare Alaska

Reshaping Healthcare: What We Can Learn From Alaska

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 6/18/2020 - 0

Southcentral Foundation in Alaska provides excellent healthcare for half the money spent on other patients in that state. What can we learn from them?

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Health care companies UHG COVID-19

Health Care Companies’ Critical Role in Responding to COVID-19 

Richard Migliori M.D. - 6/8/2020 - 0

Richard Migliori MD, EVP & Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealth Group describes the health care company’s multi-pronged response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Value of Transparency in Payer-Provider Relationships

David Gregg, M.D. - 9/20/2019 - 0

Doctors, patients, and insurers can all benefit from improved transparency in payer-provider relationships in areas ranging from costs to care management.

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Opening a Medical Practice? Here’s How to Overcome the Challenges

Lisa Hedges - 2/28/2019 - 2

If you are thinking about opening a medical practice, you need to know about these three common challenges and how to overcome them.

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What is the Impact of Dementia on Comorbid Conditions?

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 11/12/2018 - 6

New research finds that dementia has a substantial impact on the costs and prevalence of certain common comorbid conditions compared with matched individuals without dementia.

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The Promise of Failure Analysis in Healthcare

Brian Baker - 10/18/2018 - 0

The makers of Learjet collect data & program what is learned about critical system failures in order to improve flight safety. Healthcare should do the same.

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Quality is the Key to Healthcare Value

Brian Klepper PhD - 9/22/2018 - 2

America’s healthcare value crisis is rooted in the failure to focus on managing quality. However, some providers have systematically improved quality with outstanding results.

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How to Fix Part B Drug Fail-First Policies that Harm Seniors

Corey Greenblatt - 8/28/2018 - 0

Adding step-therapy to Medicare Advantage Part B drugs can delay access to effective medications putting patients at risk. 3 easy tweaks can mitigate the risk.

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Value-based insurance design: pills on an EKG recording 2048 x 1367

Lowering Cost-Share for High Value Meds Improves Adherence

A. Mark Fendrick M.D., Margaret F. Shope, B.S. & Caroline E. Richburg - 8/21/2018 - 1

A recent study shows that value-based insurance desig reduces consumer cost-sharing for clinically indicated medications and increases adherence without changing total spending.

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high-value healthcare - medical statistics and graphic charts with stethoscope 2000 x 1333 (Deposit Photos)

High-Value Healthcare: Is It the Wave Of The Future?

Brian Klepper PhD - 8/19/2018 - 2

There’s a growing number of providers committed to delivering high-value care & a group of purchasers willing to go around traditional arrangements to access it.

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The State of U.S. Healthcare: An Iron Cage of Bureaucracy

Robert E. Grant - 7/18/2018 - 5

Even as Americans are forced to resign to healthcare costs that have reached an all-time high, it is indisputable that patients continue to pay more while receiving less. Administrative costs related to wasteful bureaucracy is a major contributor.

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