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Can We Squeeze the Waste Out of the High Cost of...

A significant chunk of the $163 billion spent on trauma care could be avoided if patients with minor injuries were transported to hospitals besides trauma centers.

How Did Myriad Genetics Come to Own Our Genes?

A momentous event happened on June 13, 2001: The Supreme Court unanimously voided Myriad Genetics patent on the human genes BRCA1 and BRCA2.
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers

Book Review: Al Lewis’ Why Nobody Believes the Numbers

Why Nobody Believes the Numbers is a must read for anyone designing, purchasing, or simply interested in population health management programs.
EMT duty to rescue

Is There a Moral Duty to Buy Health Insurance?

Since physicians and hospitals have a duty to rescue uninsured by providing emergency care so individuals have a corresponding duty to purchase insurance.
Group of medical workers portrait in hospital

My Experience with Slovenian Socialized Healthcare

A traveling student shares a story about the experience of a Slovenian socialized healthcare.
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How Much are We Paying for “Choice” of Insurers?

The authors of a study calculated that if US physicians had administrative costs similar to Ontario physicians, the total savings would be $27.6 billion/year!

The Cognitive Dissonance of Conflicted Care

Until financially conflicted healthcare is addressed in oncology and elsewhere, there's no chance of establishing stability and sustainability in U.S. healthcare.
Three surgeons in masks (Adobe Stock Photos)

Geisinger Offers Warranties for Heart Surgery, Way to Go!

You don't have to pay extra to get your defects related to surgery repaired if they occur within 90 days of the operation.