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How To Get Lower Drug Prices Now and In The Future

Insured patients' share of drug costs has continued to increase, but there are some strategies that they can use to get lower prices.
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If You Follow the Money, Does it Really Take You to...

The leverage wielded on politicians and policy makers by healthcare stakeholders whose ox would be gored if real cost-savings programs are put into place is enormous. It makes meaningful change all but impossible.
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Most Headache Sufferers Don’t Receive Appropriate Care

Despite being extremely common, headaches are often misdiagnosed and undertreated.
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How Reliable are Drug Expiration Dates?

The process of setting drug expiration dates takes into account not just biochemistry, but also profits. How much could be saved by extending the dates just 10%?
Cancer Drug Costs

High Costs Force Cancer Patients to Skimp On Treatment

With new cancer drugs commonly priced at $100,000 a year or more, hundreds of thousands of cancer patients are delaying care, cutting their pills in half, or skipping drug treatment entirely.

Healthcare: The Greatest Generation Opportunity for Millennials

If one takes a sober look at healthcare's collateral damage, it's clear we've gone to war for far less than what the healthcare system is doing to America. Will millennials be able to fix it?

When Employers and Providers Collaborate, It’s a Win for Patients

Employers, as the ultimate purchasers of healthcare, must work closely with providers to re-design the current fragmented process of care and bring a “Six Sigma” approach rooted in evidence-based treatment guidelines.
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Why We Must Protect Medicaid from Block Grants

AARP opposes Medicaid block grants and per capita caps because we are concerned that such proposals will endanger the health, safety, and care of millions of individuals who depend on the essential services provided through Medicaid.

Is It Possible to Peg Price to Value in Healthcare?

Although we can learn about pegging price to value from other industries, healthcare requires a unique approach that recognizes its critical role in people's lives.

Why Healthcare Fraud is a Threat to National Security

Healthcare fraud is a national security threat. There is no party divide when it comes to protecting the homeland - we don’t need a right solution or a left solution, we need an American solution.

Why CEOs Can No Longer Ignore Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Fraud is rampant in the healthcare system due in part to outdated claims payment methodologies. Dave Chase points out that ignorance of the problem is no longer a valid excuse given the high cost of health care and the magnitude of the waste due to fraud.

The Ethical Stain on U.S. Medical Care

The pervasiveness of inappropriate care is the U.S. medical system's biggest ethical stain. Alternatives, such as optimal medical management, are often ignored in favor of better paying surgical procedures.