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Skincare Products: Are You Being Deceived?

Fayne Frey, MD - 9/20/2020 - 4

Ever bought skincare products that didn’t live up to the hype? Chances are you’ve been deceived by the beauty industry more than once.

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Dress form on black background showing right breast size

How Do You Know if You Have the Right Breast Size?

Pankaj Tiwari M.D. - 4/14/2020 - 15

Breasts are a distinctive symbol of femininity. Some say bigger is better but it’s not always true. What’s the right breast size for you?

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breast implants cancer

Have Breast Implants—Should You Be Worried About Cancer?

Christopher Hess, MD, FACS - 7/24/2019 - 5

BIA-ALCL is a rare lymphoma that is associated with certain types of breast implants. Plastic surgeon Christopher Hess answers questions about the disease.

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Cosmetic Surgery Patient’s Leaked Identity Leads to Malpractice Claim

David B. Troxel, MD - 10/1/2017 - 2

A closed claim by a cosmetic surgery patient whose photo showed up in search results highlights the dangers of working with unfamiliar digital technology.

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The Art and Science of Plastic Surgery

Shahram Salemy, MD - 1/27/2017 - 0

There were almost 16 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2015. Here is what you should know about the most common procedures and post-op care.

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5 Signs You’re Not Ready For Plastic Surgery

Michael Burgdorf, MD - 1/17/2017 - 0

Plastic surgery is real surgery with real effects, some of which can be life-altering, usually for the better. Here are some reasons not to have it done, at least not now.

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