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Why Digital Healthcare Can Never Replace Doctors

Digital healthcare won't replace the doctor-patient relationship because caring hands and listening ears can be medicine in and of themselves.
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Malpractice Claims Study is Helping Plastic Surgeons Get Better

A recent closed claim study by a malpractice carrier helps plastic surgeons make changes that will improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.
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How Does Fake News Go Viral?

Social scientists applying models that explained spread of viruses to the spread of memes found them inadequate because they didn't account for human traits.
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A Communication Failure Between Pharmacists and Doctors

Doctors and pharmacists are still using phones and faxes to communicate. Here is one pharmacist's vision of how to bring the conversation into the 21st century.
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Good Communication and Results Should Drive Provider Choice

If communication fosters a strong relationship and yields results that satisfy patients, it shouldn't matter if the provider is male, female, doctor or nurse.
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In Healthcare, High Tech is Not a Substitute for Engagement

High technology may thrill us from time to time with promises, but it is the low technology of interpersonal connections—of speaking, listening, and sharing—that keeps us all going.
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5 Ways Physicians Can Better Communicate with Staff

Effective communication is a necessity for positive and productive workplace interactions. Becoming a more effective communicator will not only make your employees more motivated and productive, but will also have a positive effect on your practice environment.
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12 Steps to Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare

Delivering emotionally intelligent healthcare can make a big difference in patients' satisfaction & outcomes.
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Brain-to-Brain Communication (Telepathy?) For the First Time

Telepathy was in disrepute until the EEG and the Internet made brain-to-brain communication a reality.