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Step Therapy: Why Fail First for Everyone is Not a Good Idea

Corey Greenblatt - 7/23/2019 - 0

Physicians may endorse step therapy for medical reasons but when it is used solely to save the system money, it can harm people with chronic illnesses.

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teens chronic illness

Teens and the Challenge of Living with Chronic Illness

Elaine Francis, RGN - 6/24/2019 - 0

What are the barriers to managing chronic conditions for teenagers and how can their parents, families, and caregivers help.

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Why It’s So Important to be a Patient Advocate for Your Loved One

Carol Kalat - 5/16/2019 - 0

When a loved one is ill, you can play a critical role by being their patient advocate. This means working with the medical team to help ensure all goes well

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consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables

What You Need to Know About Plant-Based Diets

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 5/6/2019 - 11

Many people believe that a plant-based diet is good for you. But to really qualify for this designation, it must be supported by well-designed studies.

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The Benefits of Peer Support Providers in Addiction Treatment

Thomas G. Kimball, PhD - 4/1/2019 - 0

A key benefit peer support providers bring to addiction treatment settings is their lived experience with SUD recovery. There are many more.

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Doctor and an Elderly Patient

How Healthcare Staff Shortages Will Affect Seniors

Jori Hamilton - 3/15/2019 - 1

As Americans get older, more people will need home health services, nursing home placement, or hospice care to remain well.

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Carrying out a description of the radiographs of a patient with

Coughing and Short of Breath? Is it COPD?

Antonello Punturieri, M.D., PhD - 2/19/2019 - 1

Experiencing shortness of breath, chronic coughing, and wheezing? Don’t overlook the symptoms

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Overwhelmed After a Serious Diagnosis? Think Travel

Noah Rue - 1/31/2019 - 3

There’s a lot think after a serious diagnosis (treatments, doctors’ visits & health insurance), but one thing you may want to add is planning some travel.

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Why a Liver Donation May One Day Save My Life

Alyssa Klemm - 1/16/2019 - 1

Alyssa Klemm was born with biliary atresia, a condition that almost always requires a liver transplant. Now in college, she is passionate about organ donation.

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How to Optimize the Treatment of Asthma

Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD - 12/3/2018 - 3

Asthma is a chronic disease that is manageable through medications and by eliminating or avoiding triggers (e.g., allergens, poor indoor air quality).

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Neon blue EKG on black background 2116 x 1417

Failing Kidneys and the Risk of High Potassium

Matthew R. Weir, M.D. - 11/27/2018 - 3

Potassium is important for normal functioning of the heart. When the kidneys don’t function properly, blood potassium can rise to dangerously high levels.

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chronic disease-aging two senior women hiking

A Unifying Hypothesis of Chronic Disease and Aging

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 10/31/2018 - 1

Accelerated aging and disease in the skin are largely driven by excess oxidative particles generated by sun exposure and other environmental factors.

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