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smiling family in front of tablet 2048 x 1365

Top 8 Apps to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

Here are 8 new technologies that are designed to keep families (including our pets) safer, healthier, and happier.
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Fighting Cyberbullying with Empowerment & Designer Dresses

The Believe in Yourself Project was founded by UsTrendy's Sam Sisakhti to help combat cyberbullying and help young girls feel comfortable in their own skin.
Big Tobacco Kids Smoking

Big Tobacco is Still Targeting Our Kids

Why spend billions treating tobacco-caused diseases & millions on prevention while letting Big Tobacco spend a mIllion/hour promoting a deadly product to kids?

Why are Americans Resistant to Science?

It all begins in childhood. This resistance stems from two general facts about children—one having to do with what they know and the other having to do with how they learn.
food industry marketing kids cereal

Is the Food Industry Playing Games With Our Kids? You Bet

Advergaming that targets children is specifically designed to blur the boundary between advertising and entertainment.