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The Annual ATD Conference: A Candy Store for Leadership Coaches

Leadership coach, Maggi Cary, shares the highlights of the 2016 Association of Training and Development annual conference.

The Reason Most Medical Practice Change Initiatives Fail

Nick Hernandez goes over three major areas to focus on to help with change management efforts.
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5 Ways to Improve Physician Engagement

Physician engagement has been linked to better patient care, increased efficiency, improved quality and safety, and lower costs.
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Wanted: Strong, Creative, Collaborative Physician Leaders

Physician leaders are one of the keys to improved health, affordability & system transformation as healthcare shifts from FFS to value-based payments.
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Can We Harness Social Media Data for Better Health?

RWJF wants to hear from you about the barriers and limitations to using social media data to improve health.
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What’s Up with Births in the U.S.?

Births in the U.S. are down and younger women are having fewer babies....but wait...older women are having more. What's it all mean?

Reply To A Vaxx-Skeptic

the immune response has enormous capacity even in infancy. Fears of overwhelming the immune response are unfounded.
HealthMap flu

Putting the Public Back in Public Health

HealthMap aggregates data from disparate sources, including reports submitted by individuals, to create a global interactive map of infectious disease.

It’s Giving Tuesday: Share the Love with MedShare

For 15 years, MedShare has been the bridge between surplus and need through the efficient recovery of surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, manufacturers and distributors and redistribution to local safety net clinics and hospitals in the developing world and in the U.S.
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Nano Silver, Ebola, & Dr. Rima’s Truth

Rima Laibow's Natural Solutions Foundation has recently been issued a warning letter from the FDA about their claims that Nano Silver can cure Ebola
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Liars, Damn Liars, and Statistics: The Autism Vaccine Fraud

Since the Wakefield Autism-Vaccine fraud, you would think no self-respecting scientist would associate himself with that work...but you would be wrong.

Ebola: Is the US at Risk?

There has been a lot of concern expressed about whether transporting Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, medical missionaries infected with Ebola, back to the US puts the us at risk for an Ebola epidemic like the one devastating West Africa right now. Watch as I answer that question on Fox news today