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7 Simple and Not-So-Simple Strategies to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Seven lifestyle modifications that prevent atherosclerosis have also been found to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive decline.
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The Dark Side of Lecithin Supplements

There is no credible evidence to support the myriad claims of benefit of lecithin supplements, but finding lecithin metabolites in the blood of heart attack and stroke patients raises a safety concern.
fish oil debate omega 3

Fish Oil: Is It Good for You or Not?

The dogma that fish oil is cardioprotective has come under criticism in a new study that showed no protective effect. Its active ingredient Omega 3 fatty acid has been shown to increase risk of prostate cancer.
optimistic pessimist live longer

The Scientific Evidence that Optimism Leads to Better Health

The underlying factors that govern our health and longevity are not merely cheerfulness vs. moroseness, they are positive vs. negative attitudes, compassion vs. hostility, love vs. hate.
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5 Tips You Should Know to Reduce Stroke Risk for All...

A stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the U.S. Fortunately, it is preventable if you know how to manage your risk.
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We Can Prevent Strokes in People with Atrial Fibrillation, But We’re...

More than 80% of stroke patients with a history of atrial fibrillation did not receive medication to prevent a stroke.
Getting to the Heart of Population Health (Adobe Stock)

Getting to the Heart of Population Health

It's time to abandon the notion that "personal responsibility" is the solution to every health problem so that the hard work of affecting cultural change can be taken up in earnest.
Innovative Ablation Techniques Lead the Charge in AFib Treatment

Innovative Ablation Techniques Lead the Charge in AFib Treatment

Atrial fibrillation is a serious condition that can lead to stroke and heart failure. New ablation techniques are highly accurate and effective at curing this arrhythmia, allowing the heart to pump normally again.
4 Critical Numbers All Women Need to Know for a Healthy Heart

4 Critical Numbers All Women Need to Know for a Healthy...

By knowing your numbers, you can take control of your heart health and treat risk factors with lifestyle changes and your healthcare provider's help.