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Artery Heart Disease is Different in Women

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 6/7/2021 - 0

There is no better example of the disconnect between what we know and what we do than in the case of women with heart artery disease.

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Why We Need to Unlock the Full Potential of Primary Care

William H. Bestermann MD and Patricia Salber MD, MBA - 7/19/2020 - 5

There are powerful reasons to move to a value-based primary care system. Highly effective Primary Care 3.0 is an indispensable piece of that effort.

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lecithin capsules closeup photo

Lecithin Supplements: Weighing Risks vs. Benefits

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 7/2/2020 - 222

Before you take lecithin supplements, you should weigh the lack of credible evidence of benefits against scientific literature that suggests safety concerns.

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What is the Value of iPSC Technology in Cardiac Research?

Chieh-Ju Lu, D.Phil - 5/5/2020 - 0

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are important tools in many areas of cardiac research including disease modeling, drug development & transplantation.

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telehealth atrial fibrillation

Telehealth Project to Help Atrial Fibrillation Patients During COVID Crisis

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/23/2020 - 1

A telehealth project to improve treatment for patients at highest risk for stroke has been launched by PPAHS and supported by a BMS-Pfizer Alliance Grant

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sudden death heart attack

Heart Attacks: When Will We Finally Do What Needs to be Done?

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 10/9/2019 - 1

{Updated 10/9/19] Surgery and stenting don’t prevent heart attacks in stable patients. We already know how to do that with medical management, so why aren’t we doing it?

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Innovative Health Technologies Are Improving Care for Heart Disease

Campbell Rogers, M.D., F.A.C.C. - 9/4/2019 - 0

Health technologies that improve clinical care & support patient engagement will reinvigorate efforts to improve outcomes. Here are some that lead the pack.

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Loneliness: A Danger to Your Health

Stephen C Schimpff, MD, MACP - 8/15/2019 - 2

Loneliness not only causes emotional discomfort, it also impacts key physiologic parameters leading to multiple disease states and early death.

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TAVR, Innovation, and the Future of Healthcare

Fahed Bitar, MD - 8/6/2019 - 0

Minimally-invasive procedures such as TAVR and a team-based approach to medicine are two types of innovation that provide patients with better overall care.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Is It a Sign of Heart Disease?

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 7/14/2019 - 4

Erectile dysfunction may be an early warning sign of arterial disease because the health of the penile arteries reflects the health of the rest of the arteries as well.

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consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables

What You Need to Know About Plant-Based Diets

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 5/6/2019 - 11

Many people believe that a plant-based diet is good for you. But to really qualify for this designation, it must be supported by well-designed studies.

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Man in blue shirt sitting with a doctor 2121 x 1414

Substance Abuse & Comorbidity: What You Need to Know

Noah Rue - 5/3/2019 - 0

When people are admitted to substance abuse treatment centers, they must be screened for other physical and mental conditions to get the best care.

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