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Jonathan Bush & Mick

Jonathan Bush & Neil Versel: The Infamous Hard Rock Interview

Enjoy this video interview of Jonathan Bush by MedCity News' journalist, Neil Versel, filmed by the TDWI team during HiMSS 2015 in Chicago
Harry Leider keynote mHealth Summit

Harry Leider Calls the Question: What’s the Value of mHealth?

Harry Leider, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of Walgreens answers the question "what is the value of mHealth...and to whom does it accrue."
Frank Williams

Transforming Healthcare: A Conversation with Frank Williams

There is "a massive opportunity for healthcare systems to reshape their economics as they see declining reimbursement on the inpatient side"
Ebola virus virion 670 x 447

Nano Silver, Ebola, & Dr. Rima’s Truth

Rima Laibow's Natural Solutions Foundation has recently been issued a warning letter from the FDA about their claims that Nano Silver can cure Ebola
University of Michigan

VBID for Better Care Act of 2014

Bipartisan legislation would allow Medicare Advantage plans to reduce certain co-payments or coinsurance for beneficiaries to drive better health care outcomes and lower costs.
Telescopic Alidade

Catching up with Farzad: The Aledade Launch

Dr. Farzad Mostashari, former National Coordinator for HIT and more recently a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution, joined us at The Doctor Weighs In (on the Radio) to discuss the launch of his new VC-backed company, Aledade.

Designing Insurance Benefits to Yield Better Outcomes

The concept of value-based insurance design is that benefits should be designed to promote the use of services that bring value to people consuming them.