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Is Value-Based Drug Pricing Possible in the U.S.?

Methodologies to achieve value-based drug pricing are well within reach, but industry will likely resist with all its power and influence. We will need strong leadership to mobilize the agents of reform to make meaningful change achievable.

Do You Trust Medicare with Your Health? Read and Decide

Diane Evans fact-checks Medicare's claims about its newly announced physician-reimbursement plan (MACRA) that will affect the healthcare coverage of more than 55 million Americans.

The Basics of MACRA

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 was signed into law on April 16, 2015. Here is a brief summary of the essentials.

How to Thrive in the New PCP Marketplace

As technology has evolved to deliver more information quicker than ever before, patients’ expectation about how services can and should be delivered has changed. Here are some changes practices can make to meet and exceed those expectations.

5 Tips to Succeed in Population Health Management

Simply purchasing a population health management (PHM) solution doesn’t check the box for success. The shift from volume to value requires a new way of working and thinking.

What Does the Healthcare C-Suite Say about Population Health?

Dr. Patricia Salber explains what results were found from the 2016 Midas+ Executive Insight Poll.

The Problem with Medicare’s Quality Payment Program

MACRA 2015 set parameters for new physician incentives that can be based, in part, on models from private insurers
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5 Ways to Improve Physician Engagement

Physician engagement has been linked to better patient care, increased efficiency, improved quality and safety, and lower costs.
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Doctors are Using Automated Empathy to Check Up on Patients [Video]

HealthLoop is an automated patient engagement platform that allows patients to get care for their health problems in between office visits.
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Wanted: Strong, Creative, Collaborative Physician Leaders

Physician leaders are one of the keys to improved health, affordability & system transformation as healthcare shifts from FFS to value-based payments.

Automating Clinical Processes to Improve Value in Healthcare

The mid-cycle occurs is where revenue cycle meets clinical interactions and patient access.

Understanding the Value of Hope in Cancer Care

To answer the question, what is the value of hope in cancer care?, researchers asked patients to choose which treatment scenarios they preferred & how much they would be willing to pay for it.