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The Burnout Burden: Why Doctors Need Help From Leadership

Placing the burden on doctors to restore their own work-life balance overlooks burnout’s structural causes over which physicians have little control.
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Jay Bhatt’s Vision of the Future of Healthcare

Margaret Cary MD interviews the American Hospital Association's Chief Medical officer, Jay Bhatt, MD, about his vision of the future of healthcare. He says, health systems are really thinking hard about creating care teams of the future, care teams with empathy and compassion because compassion is the oldest medicine.
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Can Professionalism Bring Joy Back to Medicine?

Richard Baron, the CEO of the ABIM Foundation, talks about how professionalism can help physicians shape a more satisfying career in medicine. This involves championing stewardship of resources on behalf of patients, engaging in social justice, and finding joy in the practice of medicine.
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How Music Can Powerfully Heal a Physician’s Life

Family Physician Adam Kendall uses music not only to heal himself, but also to share love and respect with his community and help him become a better physician.
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How to Stay Excited and In Love with a Career in...

If you couple an insatiable desire to expand your skills with a fearlessness to walk away from the same old stuff and try something new, you can have a very long and exciting career in medicine.

How Technology Squeezed the Joy Out of Radiology

Digitization of radiology has brought important benefits to radiology practice, but the increasing isolation of radiologists may contribute to burnout.

How to Tame the EHR to Conquer Information Overload

The challenge for today's EHRs is to provide physicians with information they need for patient care without burdening them with data they could do without.
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3 Surefire Ways to Prevent Burnout

Burnout affects almost half of doctors. Re-evaluating work/life balance with simple lifestyle changes can help reduce the symptoms.
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The Sorry State of Physician Burnout

A recent Mayo Clinic study found physician burn out affects more than half of U.S. doctors.

Overcoming Physician Burnout, A Step-by-Step Guide

Dike Drummond's new book, subtitled What to Do When Working Harder Isn't Working, helps doctors overcome burnout, build an ideal practice & a balanced life.
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Criticism or Compassion? Responding to Stressed Out Physicians

Dr. Starla Fitch suggests modeling behavior of the Babemba tribe in South Africa by responding to stressed-out physicians with compassion instead of criticism.