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CEOs, Obamacare, and Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness: Is it the opening salvo in an old economy jihad against aging and chronically ill employees? Al Lewis and Vik Khanna explain.
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The Early Results are In: Obamacare and the Uninsured

Good news on Obamacare: Uninsured numbers drop - Good news for those of us who favor government-facilitated health insurance coverage.
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Medical Conspiracy Theories and Public Mistrust

Margo Gordon MD relates a belief in medical conspiracy theories to public mistrust in our healthcare system.
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Krugman Stirs the Pot on Obamacare (Again)

Paul Krugman’s opinion piece, “Health, Work, Lies” in today’s New York Times today takes on politicians’ and the media's spin of a recent, widely...

Should All Doctors Make a 5% Commitment to Medicaid?

Larry Casalino argues that medical professionalism (putting patients’ interests first) should lead doctors to care for a reasonable number of Medicaid patients.
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ACA: Challenges and Opportunities for Care of the Severely Mentally Ill

The expansion of health insurance under the ACA offers enhanced health benefits for patients with serious mental illness as well as providing for improved infrastructure for a more efficient and better utilized mental health model.
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Why Critical Thinking is the Lifeblood of a Vibrant Democracy

When reporters ask the question: is it good or bad? to force a simple answer to a complex question, it reinforces our natural tendency to come to easy conclusions instead of applying critical thinking. It may conserve the brains energy, but the outcomes are not always what we might want.
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Paul Krugman Plain Talk: The Medicare Killers

The Romney-Ryan Medicare voucher proposal would fundamentally change the program as we know it and leave many Seniors who depend on the program vulnerable to higher costs and less access to care.
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Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Analysis and the Future of Healthcare

Top-down analyses applied to healthcare suffer from the same weaknesses as the economic analyses: budgeteers extrapolate and therefore fail to predict inflection points.
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Is There a Moral Duty to Buy Health Insurance?

Since physicians and hospitals have a duty to rescue uninsured by providing emergency care so individuals have a corresponding duty to purchase insurance.
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Mother Nature Turns Blue States Orange

On one of the hottest 4th of July's on record, I count my blessings and remember why I am proud to be an American,

What People Really Think About Obamacare May Surprise You

A 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation poll points out that many of the provisions in the ACA are actually quite popular even though the rhetoric is quite negative.