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Republicans celebrating AHCA vote at WH

Did the New CBO Report Just Ruin the Party?

The Republicans rushed the vote on the AHCA through without waiting for the results of a rescoring of the amended version. Then they partied. Think they are sorry now?
Man talking to his doctor (1500 x 791)

Improving Cancer Care for All Americans

Cancer is policy agnostic—it doesn't wait while policymakers and legislators debate how best to reform the U.S. healthcare system. Whatever direction reform takes, it must put patients first.
How to Avoid Financial Catastrophe When You Purchase a New EHR (Adobe Stock) 1310 × 873

How to Avoid Financial Catastrophe When You Purchase a New EHR

Potential repeal of the ACA introduces uncertainty about future revenues that should be factored into decisions about acquiring a new EHR.
American flag with stethoscope

Are Patients Collateral Damage in the War Zone of Health Politics?

A family doc writes: If every patient had access to a family doctor, we could reduce costs, increase quality, and provide value-based care to all. We must make primary care the foundation of our healthcare system.
A Journey from Volume to Value-based Care (Adobe Stock) 1024 × 575

A Journey from Volume to Value-based Care

If you are thinking about applying for a value-based incentive program, you will want to ask yourself some key questions first.
Population health management graph with piggy bank and stethoscope (2121 × 1414) GettyImages

5 Tips to Succeed in Population Health Management

Simply purchasing a population health management (PHM) solution doesn’t check the box for success. The shift from volume to value requires a new way of working and thinking.
Affordable Care Act Future / Obamacare 2017 Plans (ThinkStock)

What Will the 2017 ACA Marketplace Plans Look Like?

Premiums in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are expected to rise going forward. Product changes, such as more cost-sharing & narrow networks, can be anticipated.
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The Unintended Cost Burden of the Affordable Care Act

While it’s hard to dispute the benefits of insurance for all, to be affordable, we must first address the drivers behind the high cost of health care.
Pill bottle on US money (Photo credit: Flickr-ImagesMoney CC attribution 2.0)

Healthcare Costs Are On The Rise Again

Healthcare costs resumed their inexorable rise in 2014, after flat growth for the preceding four years. ACA expansion is the primary driver.