Kudos to Walgreens for being a good news story.

Last week, Walgreen’s label printing process malfunctioned and about 1% of its millions of prescriptions dispensed across the country went out with labels that had unreadable characters. Once discovered, Walgreen’s responded aggressively notifying the managers of all of it’s ~8200 stores to drop everything and reach out by phone to the affected consumers. This activity, the manager were advised, was to be their number 1 priority. Evidently, they reached all of them and there are no reports of consumer harm.

You can quibble about why the error happened in the first place, but we all know that nothing is 100% error proof. Luckily this glitch turned out not to be dangerous – labels were hard to read, but no wrong information like incorrect dose or frequency occurred. In a sense, this was a lucky error because it pointed out a weakness in the labeling processing process but there were no disastrous consequences. Now, Walgreen’s can review each of the steps in its label production process to identify the issue and correct the problem.

I was invited to comment on the Walgreen’s story on the 9/5/2014 episode of The Willis Report on Fox Business News yesterday. After reviewing the story, I thought, geez….there’s really no news story here. But then I realized that was my initial response because we are so used to all news being bad news, horrendous news, news of people getting hurt or killed. And this story is one where a mistake was made and a corporation responded quickly, aggressively, and appropriately and no one was hurt.

Kudos to Walgreens for being a good news story.

Here’s the video



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