ReelDx Ushers in the Era of Personal Clinical Video

Serial entrepreneur Bill Kelly’s new venture, ReelDx, facilitates the creation, storage, and sharing of personal clinical videos. Bill points out that nowadays, everyone is walking around with digital video recorders (aka smartphones) in their hands. So why not use them to enhance communication in clinical settings?


How personal clinical video can be used

Here are some examples of how personal clinical video can be used:

  • Patients can record their visits (or discharge from the hospital) to share with family members and caregivers
  • Docs can record key parts of the visit for the medical record
  • Residents and students can video unusual (or usual) cases to share, securely, with others for learning purposes; these videos could also be used for continuing medical education
  • Cases can be shared by docs and patients with other clinicians to facilitate second (or third or fourth) opinions

Further, clinicians in the developing world can do all of the above in their own languages – recording cases typical to their own countries.


NextGenU and ReelDx partnership with the Sudan

Recently, NextGenU and ReelDx partnered with the Health Ministry in the Sudan to help train 10,000 new primary care clinicians over the next 5 years. NextGenU‘s unique online medical education courses, medical MOOCS, will be the basis for the training. All of the students will be required to record clinical visits and upload them onto ReelDx’s secure platform, thus creating a Sudan-specific “Case Study Journal.”

Think of what this could mean, not only for the developing world, where the shortage of clinicians is particularly acute, but also for shortage areas in the developed world.


The Future

ReelDx has opened up its API to developers to “create-store-share” personal clinical videos via smartphone apps. This should lead to creative new ways to use these videos to improve healthcare. Pretty exciting.




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