You are probably wondering if TDWI doctors are ever going to stop blathering on about Matt Holt and Indu Subaiya’s Health 2.0 Conference. Probably not, but we will try to keep you entertained with what we saw and heard at this first-ever conference of companies doing all kinds of creative things to deliver and support healthcare via the internet.

The meeting was filled with luminaries from both health and technology. These experts generated a number of quotable quotes as they pontificated from the podium. Here are some of the more repeatable ones:


Quotable quotes from Health 2.0

  • Healthcare is a hairball [my all time favorite quote] delivered with wit and grace by Wayne Gattinella, CEO of WebMD Health
  • Healthcare needs Health 2.0 ” – David Brailer, MD, former first national Health IT Czar
  • I was surprised by the accessibility of information by patients of all ages and demographics” [paraphrased] – Doug Hirsch, founder of Daily Strength, a social networking site providing support groups for “all of health issues and life challenges”
  • People are the new algorithm” [I love it] – Steven Krein. Steve is the founder of OrganizedWisdom, LLC, a leader in the Health 2.0 movement. They recently unveiled a new web search platform and launched OrganizedWisdom Health, “the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health”
  • It’s not just about medicine and technology, it’s about living your life” – Karen Herzog, founder of Sophia’s Garden – for the life of me, I cannot figure out what this site is supposed to do—maybe it isn’t completely developed yet or it is down today—all I see are an anonymous quote, some women’s names, and some nice graphics. Who knows??
  • P&G knows more about me and my laundry detergent preferences than pharma companies know about what drugs I’m on” – Ben Heywood, the founder of Patients Like Me, a social networking site for people with serious illnesses, such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and HIV/AIDS. Ben started the site after his brother, Stephen, was diagnosed with ALS.
  • There’s a Gandhi moment here; you have to be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi via Joe Gifford, MD, Senior Medical Director of the Regence Group, the biggest Blues plan in the Pacific Northwest
  • On the internet, everyone owns a press” – Bruce Grant, SVP for Business Strategy at Digitas Health, “a next-generation marketing agency brand for healthcare that provides a complete solution for demand generation, demand servicing, and relationship building across channels and audiences.” [What???]
  • Bruce also gave us this one: Power is irreversibly moving to user communities
  • Trust is not a zero-sum game” – Paul Wallace, MD, Senior Advisor for Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute
  • The web has fixed a lot of broken industries; it’s time to do it for healthcare” Marty Tenenbaum, Chairman and Founder of Commercenet. According to its website, Commercenet is an “entrepreneurial research institute”. Their tagline, “We make the world a better place by fulfilling the promise of the Internet“, suggests they aim to be the GE of Health 2.0
  • There is a solid rock, the kind of calcified thing you find at the bottom of the drain. But with collective action, different methods of payment, and personalized information based on our genomes, maybe we can begin to erode the edges of the rock” [paraphrased] – This wonderful quote is brought to you by Esther Dyson. According to Wikipedia, Esther is “a commentator on emerging digital technology and a founding member of the digerati.”


  1. I appreciate your quoting some of my words at the Health 2.0 conference. I’d like to point out that the link to Sophia’s Garden Foundation is . We are a nonprofit social venture creating an integrated, Web-based survival kit, Healing in Community™ Online (HICO), for families of children with life-threatening conditions that informs, empowers, and supports families in harnessing the power of community and collaboration to address all of their needs—physical, emotional, financial, cultural and spiritual.Our demo at Health 2.0 was a prototype of HICO. We are raising seed funding to build out the product. There is much more to come. Stay tuned to our web site for development updates.

  2. Glad you posted this! I spontaneously decided to do this recap based on what had inspired me during the day and I’m glad we’re getting it out to more people.

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