Can a Schizophrenia Simulator Explain Imbalances in the Brain?

Scientists and engineers collaborated to build a schizophrenia simulator that can be used to test potential therapies as well as theories about causes of the disorder.

How Dogs Can Teach Us To Be Better Humans

Here are seven dog characteristics that we should try to apply to our own lives and interactions with others.
Addicted to video games ( 920 × 1200) Adobe Stock

The Problem of Online Gaming Addiction

There is growing evidence that certain types of behaviors, especially when accompanied by obsession and compulsion, mirror substance addiction in multiple ways.
Parent holding childs hand (2121 × 1414)

Should We Judge Parents by their Children?

A question raised by high profile political offspring testimonials is whether we can judge parents by their children? And vice versa.
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What Do Women Really Want When It Comes to Men?

What does science have to say about what women want when it comes to men? It turns out, it says a lot, but also very little. Dov Michaeli examines the evolutionary psychology and physiologic evidence.
Fearing gods and deities

The Surprising Benefit of Fear

Fear is one of our most primitive emotions, yet it plays an important role in the development of modern societies.
Obese-man-brain (ThinkStock)

How Fat Made it Possible to Think

When we compare ourselves to other species, We all share a secret point of pride: we think, they don't! Thinking brains consume a lot more energy than simpler brains—a challenge we have more than met.
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How to Save a Life: Tragedy and Suicide

Psychiatrist Ayana Jordan's personal experience led her to learn what can be done to help a loved one at risk for suicide.