is the Internet addictive cell phone tethered to hand

Is the Internet Engineered to Be Addictive?

The insatiable addiction to an ever-increasing numbers of "likes" or "friends" we accumulate is with us here today, creating the potential for a dystopian society.
transgender suicide depressed

Transgender Suicide is a Public Health Crisis

Transgender suicide is a public health crisis for the estimated 150,000 trans teens and 1.4 million trans adults in the U.S. Policies of the Trump administration could make it worse.
Post-factual world headline 1920 x 1284 px)

How Did We End Up in a Post-factual World?

The common belief in alternative facts is not an accident; it makes the worldview of the true believers internally consistent, hence, its strength. And, once we form our view of the world, it is hard to change it.
Why Are You Ticklish? It's In Your Brain (Adobe)

Why Are You Ticklish? It’s In Your Brain

The complex wiring in the brain that mediates ticklishness is well described, but why did ticklishness survive when natural selection usually eliminates useless or deleterious traits?
Studies Reveal How “Super-agers” Retain Young Memories

Studies Reveal How “Super-agers” Retain Young Memories

If you want to maintain your cognitive function, it takes more than brain games. You must activate many brain areas with seriously hard mental work.
Are We Programmed to Be Violent? (Adobe Stock) 1050 × 788

Are We Programmed to Be Violent?

Violence is deeply rooted in our genes, but the good news is that we have the tools to overcome our genetic imperative—societal order, morals, ethics, and, if all fails, police and a judicial system.
The Journey from White Lies to the "Bigly" Ones

The Journey from White Lies to the “Bigly” Ones

The slippery slope of repeated lying, especially when the lie benefits the liar, exists in the brain. Dov Michaeli explains.
Donald Trump healthcare

What’s Going on Inside the Brains of Trump Supporters Redux

In light of the recent developments in the 2016 Presidential campaign, Dov Michaeli revisits his discussion of confirmation bias and Trump supporters.


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