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Step Therapy: Why Fail First for Everyone is Not a Good Idea

Corey Greenblatt - 7/23/2019 - 0

Physicians may endorse step therapy for medical reasons but when it is used solely to save the system money, it can harm people with chronic illnesses.

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ashamed American

Why I was Ashamed to be an American

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 6/28/2019 - 2

.A special exhibit in Mexico City’s famed Museum of Tolerance displayed U.S. intolerance of Mexican immigrants, It made me feel ashamed of being American.

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HIPAA compliance 1200 x 1335

Three Key Recommendations to Improve HIPAA Compliance

Carol Amick - 5/31/2019 - 2

The majority of organizations undergoing HIPAA audits fail to pass. Here are 3 key recommendations to improve your understanding of HIPAA compliance.

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Melting globe with fuse 2000 x 2000

Climate Change: The Fuse is Lit, It’s Time to Act

Paul S. Auerbach, MD - 4/22/2019 - 0

The climate change fuse is lit. We must act now, or we may not be able to prevent the worst health consequences of climate change.

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close up of dental tools - veteran dental benefits

Tips To Improve Oral Health In The U.S.

Jori Hamilton - 4/5/2019 - 3

As the political debates about health insurance rages on, the issue of how to improve oral health in the U.S. is largely ignored.

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woman in front of blackboard scientific figures 2000 x 1333

Most Americans Do Know Something About Science After All

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/3/2019 - 0

Scientific knowledge is mostly alive and well in America with a majority (~70%) of Americans scoring a medium or high level of knowledge on the Pew survey.

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high-cost-of -rugs robbery

Your Money or Your Life? The High Cost of Life-Saving Drugs

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 2/26/2019 - 1

The high cost of life-saving drugs: There’s something profoundly wrong with charging whatever the traffic will bear when the alternative is certain death.

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