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Healthy Roster: The On-Demand Athletic Training Platform

In today’s interview, we will be speaking to Dan Fronczak, CEO of HealthRoster. What is HealthyRoster? What should I know about this company and how is it related to me? Well, if you are an athlete or a trainer or even a parent, friend, or relative of one, this may interest you. According to Dan, “Healthy Roster is the only injury documentation tool that allows athletic trainers to build deeper relationships with parents and prove outreach works.”

BaseHealth: The First Predictive Health Platform

Today, we will be interviewing Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Chief Medical Officer of BaseHealth. As BaseHealth’s Chief Medical Officer, he brings a distinctive blend of medical practitioner and business strategist, both national and international, to the realm of healthcare technology. At BaseHealth, van Terheyden will bring the physician perspective, helping the company bring practical solutions to market that always keep an eye first and foremost on the patient.

How Water Flossing Keeps You Healthy

Most Americans think that if they floss, they will just have a prettier smile. What they don’t realize is that if they don’t floss, they are more susceptible to periodontitis. Periodontitis, unfortunately, can contribute to other health problems.

To understand the importance of flossing, we have Deborah Lyle, RDH, BS, MS, Director of Professional and Clinical Affairs, Waterpik, joining us today. She will be discussing why it is important to floss and how water flossing (if string flossing isn’t your thing) can be easier and more beneficial to your health.

Cracking the Code of Medical Procedure Pricing with Jeanne Pinder

In this episode, Jeanne will be focusing on how they are bringing transparency to the healthcare marketplace by telling people prices for medical procedures and items. According to Jeanne, by revealing prices, they are empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the costs of their medical care and coverage.

Patient Advocacy’s Role in Healthcare with Rebecca Lord

In this episode, Rebecca will be focusing on the role of patient advocacy in healthcare: partnering with patient organizations to offer the support, context, and guidance that individuals need after receiving their test results for specific diseases and partnering with well-known organizations (like Susan G. Komen for breast cancer-related diagnoses, for example), which could provide the credibility and specificity needed to deal with these kinds of results.

Popular Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

In this episode, Dr. Kelly Sullivan will be discussing with us the new data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). It reveals that Americans want to put their best face and body forward as their annual plastic surgery procedural statistics show a 3% growth in cosmetic procedures over the last year. According to ASPS statistics, there were 17.1 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2016. The data also shows new cosmetic trends in both facelifts and fat.

ConsejoSano Raises $4.9M for Spanish-language Healthcare Services Platform

The company, whose name means “HealthyAdvice” in Spanish, mainly works with health plans, employers and at-risk providers who are trying to increase engagement from their Spanish-speaking customers, employees, and patients. ConsejoSano’s integrated platform arms clients with multi-channel messaging, care navigation, data analytics and 24/7 access to native Spanish-speaking medical navigators. The latest funding will be used to develop more sophisticated data collection and analytics that will be parlayed into preventive care. While many healthcare and technology companies offer Spanish-language options, like Anthem BlueCross’s Spanish telemedicine and messaging capabilities, most function as add-ons to the more comprehensive services offered mainly in English. That’s where ConsejoSano wants to set itself apart.

How to Deal and Correct Hair Loss Issues

Dr. Kenneth Anderson, board certified hair restoration surgeon from Atlanta, GA and a specialist in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for hair loss, joins us for the discussion. From the most innovative stem cell research to the older strip surgery procedures, Dr. Anderson expert doctor can educate you on what really works and what does not work.