Christina Thielst, Host of Christina's Considerations
Christina Thielst, Host of Christina's Considerations

By Christina Beach Thielst

First Posted at Christina’s Considerations on 1/16/2014

Christina Thielst, Host of Christina's Considerations
Christina Thielst, Host of Christina’s Considerations

March 2nd – 8th is Patient Safety Awareness Week  and the theme , Navigate Your Health…Safely, urges health care providers to help patients and consumers become more engaged in the health care process, whether visiting the doctor for a routine exam or entering the hospital for surgery.

Navigate Your Health…Safely…Starting with Diagnostic Errors:  The campaign will also focus on the issue of diagnostic errors, an area that has not been widely studied in the medical literature.  Diagnostic errors can be defined as a wrong, delayed, or missed diagnosis, and while not all  result in patient harm, some studies have estimated that they occur in 10 to 20 percent of cases.

Plan to  get involved in activities and learn how you can help consumers and patients become more engaged in their care.  A few resources include:

  • Visit to learn about a series of webcasts  that will focus the topic of diagnostic error.
  • Watch and share the Ask Me 3 video with your staff and patients.
  • Help spread the word! See the prepared social media posts and use the event hashtag #PSAW2014 to share what you learn during the week.
  • Learn more about diagnostic errors—register for the NPSF online educational module,Reducing Diagnostic Error, a self-paced learning program offering continuing education and continuing medical education credit.

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2014

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