Reflections on Our Lives with Cancer – The Beginning

A few months ago, Elaine Waples got shocking news. The flank pain she had been experiencing for months turned out to be due to a rare form of ovarian cancer.
Statue of lady justice 1000 x 667

Economic Implications of the Biology of Fairness

Dov Michaeli explores the biologic basis of fairness and wonders whether unfair, amoral societies can sustain a viable, successful economy

A Doctor-Listening Lesson: Optimizing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

A patient taught his oncologist an important lesson on listening and broke down the doctor-listening barrier.
professor and emotional robot

Here Come the Emotional Robots

The first prototype robots capable of developing emotions as they interact with their human caregivers and expressing a whole range of emotions have been finalized by researchers. What does that mean for humans?

Hospital Staff Posts Photos of Fatally Injured Man on Facebook

An employee of the hospital reported that the staff took photos of a fatally injured man and posted them on Facebook instead of focusing on treating him. What on earth were they thinking?