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Testosterone-driven CEOs? The Jury is out

In an elegant study published in 2008 researchers have shown that higher levels of testosterone correlate strongly with financial risk-taking behavior. In the study,...

Cyber Bullying – More Pernicious than the ‘Regular’ Kind

Who could forget the horrible story of Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Irish immigrant who committed suicide after relentless bullying by nine school mates.  But...

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: Hitting Bottom

Elaine's experience is showing us that maintaining a sunny disposition becomes far more difficult as the challenge drags on, and the prospects for getting better become more uncertain.

Consequences of messing with the biological clock

Who hasn’t heard about the ravages of night shift work? Countless studies document a whole array of physiological effects ranging from the gastrointestinal tract...

Plug and Play Electronic Health Records

We still have not reached the goal of an EHR in every doctor’s office. Why not? Well, here's what I learned.
Bonobo photo: By Psych USD (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Why Don’t Italian Men Leave Their Mothers?

We can answer the question by reading a study on monkey behavior titled, Mothers Matter! Maternal Support, Dominance Status, and Mating Success in Male Bonobos