Start Smart for Your Baby

Centene's Smart Start for Your Baby program showed improvement in the timeliness of prenatal and postnatal care as well as in the percent of women going to their doctors more frequently.

Wisdom of the Crowd: Let the Conversation Begin

Here is an interesting comment I received about my post on “Wisdom of the Crowd” from Michael. “This column by Dov and the factors it...

What Do We Know About the Wisdom of the Crowd?

Dov Michaeli MD, PhD explores what science tells us about the wisdom of the crowd.

The ticking time bomb of exotic infections.

No, I haven’t turned into one of those fear mongering pundits who make a handsome living scaring us into catatonic despair. But we should be...

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: Tumor Humor

This is Part 5 of Brian and Elaine’s story of life after the diagnosis of cancer. It is about staying who you are even after your life is suddenly turned upside down.
Mark Cuban

Testosterone-driven CEOs? The Jury is out

In an elegant study published in 2008 researchers have shown that higher levels of testosterone correlate strongly with financial risk-taking behavior. In the study,...