mTOR: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to (Almost) Everything

What is mTOR? mTOR stands for "mammalian Target Of Rapamycin" (pronounced em –tor), and it has a fascinating history.

Fear and Loathing –why do we feel it?

"But even more disturbing than the threats from foreign terrorists is a second threat that is right here at home; it is an ideology...

Are You Stressed? Only Your Hairdresser Knows for Sure

When your doctor orders some diagnostic tests, there are two types of information she may be looking for: either acute or chronic. For example, if...
“Hamster on wheel” sualk61 @ Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved

Hamster Medicine

I am not blogging on veterinary medicine. Rather, hamster medicine refers to the current practice of primary care in America No, I

Aging is not for sissies

By Dov Michaeli If you sampled any physiology or medical textbooks you’d find that after age 45 we lose about 1% muscle mass every year....

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: The Last Round of Chemo

This is final part of the series. Elaine just finished her last chemo infusion. Brian describes the joy—and also the concerns—that go along with finishing one phase of life with cancer and starting on another—post-chemotherapy.