What’s bugging you? It may be your gut.

By Dov Michaeli No, I am not talking about the metaphorical bugs the bug us. I am talking about the real ones, of the bacterial...
Senior woman with walking problem, wheelchair in background uninsured 2048 x 1365

Why Aren’t The Uninsured Protesting In The Streets Like The Egyptians?

Maybe the uninsured could learn something from Egyptians and the Arab street. At a time when landmark health reform granting most of the uninsured...
Biologic clock of aging (123RF)

What’s in a” Minute”? It Depends…

Even though we think about time in minutes, it turns out the universal temporal window for many functions is about 3 seconds.
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Will Accountable Care Organizations Become HMOs in Drag?

Will ACOs (and the organizations that help them develop and grow) just move a laundry list of health plan functions out of the plan and into a new organization? Or will they instead develop into a more effective way to deliver better value?

The Almost Perfect Out-Patient Experience

What does it take to have an almost perfect outpatient visit? Appointment when you want, good EHR, excellent PCP, timely follow-up and all needs met.

“Fighting Spirit”: Does it Make a Difference?

Today’s NYT carries an interesting op-ed titled “ A Fighting Spirit Won’t Save Your Life” by Richard Sloan a professor of behavioral medicine at...