doctors rushing pediatric airway emergency patient to OR

Pediatric Airway Emergency! An Anesthesiologist’s Life, a Father’s Nightmare

The orderly progression of cases in the OR is interrupted when an l-year-old is rushed in, mottled and limp, from a pediatric airway emergency
Dermatologist looking at a skin tag on a woman's face

Skin Tag Removal: Should You Do It Yourself?

Although there are many home remedies for skin tags, there are a number of reasons why you may want to have them removed by a skincare expert.
medieval medicine woodcut

Did Medieval Medicine Pave the Way for Value-Based Payment?

A new book about Medieval Medicine reveals that many factors that influenced medicine then are the same as what's in place today.
thyroid eye disease graphic

Thyroid Eye Disease: Who’s at Risk and Who’s on Call

Although thyroid eye disease (TED) is related to thyroid conditions, it requires different specialists to best treat the disorder.
communities of color with masks

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in Communities of Color

Vaccine hesitancy is common in communities of color based, in part, on historical harms inflicted by health care that led to a lack of trust.
childbirth classes - man with superman shadow

An Anesthesiologist Learns the ‘Facts’ about Epidurals in Childbirth Class

An anesthesiologist loses it when his childbirth class instructor provides misinformation about epidurals