5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Junk Emotions

Just like food products have labels that describe their nutritional content, there should be “psychological nutritional labels” for reactions, relationships, and situations.
Close up of rheumatoid arthritis medical examination 1500 x 1000

Creating a Blueprint to Improve Care for Autoimmune Disease

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10 Essential Features of Practice Management Systems

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What’s Going on Inside the Brains of Trump Supporters?

Donald Trump's current and past behaviors are shocking many, but his supporters don't seem to care. A look at how the brain is wired to protect us from danger may explain why.

8-Step Problem Solving Process for Successful Medical Practices

Following the steps of the OODA Loop can help medical practices become more efficient, safer, and agile.

The Problem with Medicare’s Quality Payment Program

MACRA 2015 set parameters for new physician incentives that can be based, in part, on models from private insurers