Steve Deaton interviewed by Pat Salber at #HiMSS14

viztekViztek going from digital radiology equipment and PACs systems to EHRs


Viztek’s tagline is “The Radiology Company.” They are known for making medical imaging hardware and software, including digital radiology equipment and PACs systems. So when we learned Viztek was rolling out an Electronic Health Record at #HiMSS14, we had to have a chat with them. We were able to snag some time with Steve Deaton, Vice President of Sales at Viztek, who explained to us that their approach to designing and deploying a successful EHR is based on their understanding of the physician experience of adopting technology. They’ve helped radiologists move from film to digital radiology. Now they are using what they learned to move docs from paper records to EHR. So interesting!


A Little About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support. Historically, Viztek has been considered a small institution capable of exclusively supporting PACS and Computed Radiology (CR) at particular sizes and types of facility. However in recent years, Viztek has grown and developed significantly. Enough to go from making PACs to EHRs!


Watch the Video:

Watch this interview filmed at #HIMSS14 in Orlando, Florida!

Video edited by Tammy Tran



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