By Tracy Granzyk MS

First Posted at Educate the Young on 7/3/173

Tracy Granzyk MS, Managing Editor, Educate the Young
Tracy Granzyk MS, Managing Editor, Educate the Young

In a recent post, What Doctors Feel, I referenced the work of Danielle Ofri MD, author, Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU, and practicing internist at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, whose research, and book by the same title, examines how emotions affect those providing care. Ofri’s website (foundhere) provides a number of related articles, as well as the following interview with colleague Oliver Sacks. Sacks is also a physician, and a well-known author whose work includes the 1973 memoir,Awakenings, later made into an Academy Award nominated film starring Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.

Sacks has long believed in the value of sharing the stories of his neurologically impaired patients, as well as working to make them whole again. The compassion and empathy he feels for each of the patients whose story he shares is palpable.

Please enjoy his story over the holiday week–we will be back online July 9th!

Tracy Granzyk, MS
Tracy Granzyk MS is Managing Editor for Educate the Young, and a freelance writer and social media consultant who specializes in healthcare, wellness and sport. She spent 15 years in sales, marketing and global strategy in the biotech industry, and joined Dr. Mayer in 2008 as a writer on the award-winning Transparent Health film series where a passion for patient safety took hold. Her insatiable quest for acquiring and sharing knowledge in innovative ways via social and digital media has led to a greater understanding of where technology can take healthcare. As such, her research has most recently been focused in education technology, serious games/simulation, and storytelling.


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