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I woke up this morning to find that #NextFakeTrumpVictim is trending on Twitter. The gist of the majority of tweets with this hashtag is that the women who recently came forward to describe their groping by the Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, were lying. The tweeters evidently know this because why else would these women wait decades before telling anyone? And, why didn’t they file police reports at the time of the incidents? Further, these Trump supporters seem to think that Hillary must have had a hand in the disclosures because she is desperate due to Wikileaks release of her Campaign Chair, John Podesta’s hacked emails.

To give you a flavor of the Fake Victim echo chamber, here’s a sample of the tweets from both men:

Screenshot of tweets from #nextfaketrumpvictim 600 x 230

screen-shot-nextfaketrumpvictim5 600 x 101

And women (presumably):



Would you disclose?

Let’s say something like this happened to you 20 or 30 years ago? Would you have come forward? We have to remember that attitudes about sexual harassment and sexual assault were very different then. Many victims at that time declined to tell their story publicly—even to police—because they rightfully feared being revictimized by people who thought they asked for it because…

  • You shouldn’t have been there—wherever it was…you were careless or worse
  • You were asking for it: Your dress was too short, your top too revealing, your breasts too big, your body too sexy
  • You came onto him first—we all saw it
  • You have or had multiple lovers in the past—you must be a whore
  • You are lying to hurt him, to get money from him, to destroy his life…etc.

I could go on and on about how it was then, but I think it is more important to point out that it is happening all over again as Trump and his supporters malign the intent of the women who have come forward. Look at these tweets:

screen-shot-nextfaketrumpvictim3 600 x 106

screen-shot-nextfaketrumpvictim4 600 x 100You can also drag the victim through the mud:

screen-shot-nextfaketrumpvictim7 600 x 106Or call out her behavior to justify your own (but nothing justifies sexual assault or harassment):

screen-shot-nextfaketrumpvictim 600x 429

So, I ask you again, if you were groped by a rich, powerful, litigious man, sometime in the distant past, would you have come forward at the time? OhNoSheTwitnt sums it up well when she tweeted:

screenshot-nextfaketrumpvictim6 600 x 102

Thanks to Chris Null for sharing the backstory about the #NextFakeTrumpVictim tirade with me. It has now disappeared from Twitter but lives on through articles like this one. Here is a link to the Call to Action on Reddit click HERE. (I made screenshots of the whole convo in case this too disappears.) And here is a link to an expose, “Inside 4chan’s campaign to expose the ‘next fake Trump victim'” that explains what happened.


  1. So I wasn’t supposed to believe the women who stood up against Bill Clinton but I am supposed to believe the women against Trump. I’m so Confused but of course NYT wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction.

  2. All you that are against Trump need to wake-up our country is heading in the wrong direction now & it will get worse you are not paying attention to what going on in the world get your head out of the sand you need to read WSJ & FOX news they tell more what going on stop watching other station they don’t tell the hole story there trying to get Clinton elected

  3. I more than suspect he’s had his hands on the bits of far more other women and that these will never come forward because those who have must be regretting it. Being torn to bits. Even if they hoped for a bit of press and fame as a payback. It may even be their idea of revenge. But all those ‘other women’ (the silent and private majority) are just waiting and only have to wait ….. to vote!

  4. They are liars. Why didn’t they come out when Trump first entered the race? Instead, they go through the press 3 weeks before the election. They are paid-for shills.

  5. Um..nice try dillon..but in case you didn’t know, the women have come forward because of the tape of trump talking gleefully about sexual assault, then lying (as ususal) about it at the debate. Only a moron would think Hilary had anything to do with this – several accusers don’t even support her. False accusations? Eventually we’ll get a(NOTHER) video of trump either talking assault or doing it..and the dillons of the country will have to stfu. At least we know he won’t be president

  6. If we look at the run up to the 2012 election, one can’t help but notice what happened to Herman Cain. Once he started to gain ground in the Republican Primaries, his sexual assault victims came out of the woodwork. Some of the victims had even signed non-disclosure statements after receiving an unknown amount of money from Godfathers Pizza to compensate them for what happened. This, effectively put an end to Herman Cain’s POTUS bid seemingly before he started to really gain steam. Had the woman making claims against Mr. Trump came forward at the beginning of his campaign (as what happened to Herman Cain), and not just 4 weeks from the election, it wouldn’t appear as though they only came forward because H. Clinton’s campaign was taking yet another hit from Wikileaks. It’s way too convenient timing, for them to come out of the woodwork now. Being a victim myself, I understand not wanting to speak out, and I would never think about trying to diminish what they have been through. However; when we, as victims, decide not to come forward, we don’t. We keep it to ourselves, and try to move on. Coming forward at this late stage in a POTUS election would be, and is the furthest thing from our minds. The Clinton’s are master politicians, and if we look at H. Clinton’s past, it’s not hard to surmise she had something to do with the timing if not the accusations themselves. It’s not hard to see our Nation is at a turning point right now, and supporters will do anything to get their person elected to office. Yes, even if that “anything” is making false accusations that are generally proven wrong several months later. Gary Hart is a prime example of this.


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