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Dr. Rima Laibow
Check out Rima’s video (below) to see the real Rima

Quackery definition: Bad medical treatment from doctors who are not very good at their job, or from people who cheat other people by pretending to be doctors (from MacMillan Dictionary online)

It galls me that this story involves a physician…professional pride, you know. Rima Laibow, a psychiatrist by training, has an MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and she is licensed (but not registered to practice) in the state of New York. Check it out:

Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.13.41

She is making headlines, because her company, Natural Solutions Foundation, has recently been issued a warning letter from the FDA about claims that their product, Nano Silver, can cure Ebola. According to the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, here are some of statements the company has made about the product:

“As of now it is said that there is no treatment against Ebola, and that is not true. In fact there is a well-known, well characterized nutrient. That is Nano Silver….[I]t does kill every pathogen against which it has been tested, worldwide, without exception. There is no other effective solution…Nano Silver…is unlimited in its effectiveness…[and is a] safe, non-toxic…and available solution against Ebola and every other communicable disease…”

“[] Nano Silver inhibits every disease organism it has ever been tested against, without exception.”

“Nano Silver is the world’s only hope against Ebola and the other antibiotics/anti­ viral resistant pathogens.”

“[W]ith regard to Nano Silver[‘s impact against the Ebola virus] there is both clinical experience and research, namely the DTRA-funded study… That report suggests, in vitro, a significant inhibition of viral action with Nano Silver 10 PPM.”

The FDA rightfully responded that “therapeutic claims on your websites establish that the products are drugs because they are intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.” And that is against the law.

This type of deliberate quackery is cynical beyond belief…the company is preying on the fear of the deadly disease that to date has no known cure. Even ZMapp, the experimental drug that was used in several high profile cases, has not been proven – by medical standards – to be a cure.


Selling the Nano Silver story in West Africa

As though marketing her product to folks in the US, almost all of whom are unlikely to ever contract the disease, is not enough, Dr. Rima also sent a letter to Alpha Kanu, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information in which she claimed that “…although it is vigorously denied, the Ebola virus is an airborne infectious agent.”  What did she recommend? Why Nano Silver, of course – not just to treat infected patients, but also to prevent infection in health workers. What a marketeer!

Here is from her open letter to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan:

“There is, in fact, a well-established, non-toxic anti-microbial, without any known side effects, available at remarkably low cost which – • Requires no refrigeration • Is self-sterilizing. • Is readily available • Has a very long shelf life • Is not subject to degradation under temperature and humidity extremes. That nutrient substance is Nano Silver.”

In one of  a series of comments on an online Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, Dr. Rima says,

Screenshot 2014-10-06 15.57.40

All the while, the truth is Dr. Rima rails against Big Pharma, Big Government, and any other organization that gets between her and her story that she has the cure for Ebola (and HIV, and well, whatever infectious disease is scaring us to death at the time).

What is so scary about this story is how many people have bought into this baloney, particularly on social media. Check out a few of these tweets accessed on Twitter today:

Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.26.07 Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.26.54 Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.27.07


Although the FDA is all over this (now),  this is probably not the end of the story. Stay tuned—when there is money to be made, fraudsters almost always come out in droves.

For your viewing pleasure (or not), here is Rima Laibow in a video she says was made “specifically for the Heads of State of those countries where a genetically modified (weaponized?) Ebola virus is killing people.” [OMG!]

Editors note: (8/5/15) – Sorry, evidently the video has been removed…hmmmm…I wonder why? If you really want to see her, just go to YouTube and view one of her many videos.


  1. Quit the slander and prove or disprove with facts, you people are all alike running people down but providing no evidence one way or the other . Put Up OR Shut UP

  2. I am no longer surprised by the amount of stupid people that are on forums like this, it is plain to see for any one with half a brain that DR RIMA is a fraud.I have written to her personally with no reply, she is just as much a fraud as Waklefield, she should be ashamed of her self for continuing to spout her lies, i hope the FDA hits her hard.I am sick and tired of people saying it was clean water and sanitation that got rid of diseases, I am sick and tired of hearing about BIG PHARMA, we need more people like this author to spread the truth and LOCK up the frauds like RIMA and WAKEFIELD.

  3. Interesting about making medical claims,my water district uses fluoride to “prevent dental carries”,which is a medical claim & fluoride then constitutes a drug,however,it is not USP but agricultural grade & without medical oversight for prescription & proper individual dosing.Both the FDA & CDC state, “fluoride is NOT for ingestion,but topical use only”.Most toothpastes post a liability disclaimer which states to “contact a poison control center immediately if ingested”. Nono silver quack M.D.’s or fluoride,pick your poison.

    • Exactly right. Drinking fluoride ( major poison with NO benefit to any animal consuming it; PROVEN look it up) for tooth health is like drinking sunscreen to avoid sunburn. More of the total BULL being shoved down our throats ( literally) for profit. Look up the origins of fluoride for “cavity prevention” and see the junk science from the guy who went to Texas to investigate it sent by the Alcoa Alum. to find a use for their toxic industrial waste by product, fluoride. He cherry picked counties that had high fluoride content and low tooth decay incidence and left out the ones with high fluoride and high tooth decay rates. Now instead of paying billions to dispose of it as the highly toxic waste product it is they can SELL IT and dump it in our drinking water. What a scam.

  4. I am a pathologist. Of course ebola is airborne- and mosquitos can transmit it. Common sense can tell you that. Whether or not silver can cure ebola is another matter. But don’t parrot the political cover-up without using your own powers of analysis.

    • Joseph, thanks for your comments. But, I beg to differ with them This article was based on scientific facts that you can find in reputable journals and on reliable websites. Nano Silver is not a promising experimental treatment, rather it is a treatment without any proven efficacy and therefore without promise.

      • Pat you are truly a fool, if you believe we the people are not waking up to your manipulation of words and your justification in the killing of so many innocent people. Joseph is right,” you supported the un approved drug for a few devils who “most” believe to be responsible for the secrete spreading of the Ebola in the Alkebulan/African area for experimental genocide test run. Question is, why didn’t theynot use the (experimental) drug Zmapp there? But instead,” they let the people die and we all witnessed that fact! As to your so called reputable “journals,” we see the double standers and where your allegiants stand, Joseph is 100% right about you and your masters of which you support and protect. We don’t care about your professional killers of medical practices. Pat you are a monster, and may God make you pay for your in-human offence here of this sight. You are a legal murderer, deceiver and the worst hypocrite of medicine!

    • S Parke DO, feel free to provide references that support your statements. To date there is not evidence that ebola is airborne in the true sense of the word. It can be spread through airborne droplets for example if someone coughs and infected sputum gets in your eye or if someone vomits and infected vomitus gets on an open wound. Please S Parke, as a pathologist I would think you would apply your powers of analysis and not parrot Dr. Rima’s hype.

      • I am familiar with the principles of infection control. Droplet precautions have not been sufficient and now all these doctors we are sending to Africa are taking full airborne precautions. Why is that? If it is merely droplet spread then a simple face mask would do, and they’re equipping doctors with full airborne precaution masks like the n95. Of course with the size of the ebola virus particles only an n100 mask is even sufficient.

    • “Yesssssssssss this is the way,’ but Pat wont do it!!!!! She cant do the testing of Nano Silver! She may not even hold a true practice . Hummmmmmm????????? Pat dear, are you some kind of reporters, book writer on deception in America?

      • It is sad and unfortunate that people like you are worse than the doctor herself, you are a medical professional and I would have assumed you would write this article based on scientific facts. Great scientists have been killed in the past only to be proven right by future investigations and it is only fair that in the absence of experimetal fact such an article like your’s should not be published. I am a Nigerian and I was appalled when our authorities rejected nano silver calling it experimental when the US used Zmapp which is also experimental.

      • No they weren’t they were right. Cancer is treated and cured in clinics in Mexico every day and has been for years with B-17/Laetril. Steve McQueen’s cancer was cured with Laetril in Mexico. He died from a plastic surgery complication; true story look it up. Of course, it won’t “cure” every case at every stage but the unique molecule does attack and kill the anaerobic cancer cells; FACT. I eat 4 or 5 seeds a couple of times a week so I don’t end up in your sorry office. :-)

      • Pat even though this is outdated I must reply to you. For a medically trained doctor your ignorance is beyond belief. It is proven and now factual that the kernel of the apricot/peach and other fruits contain vitamin B17 which has been proven with many cases to kill cancer cells. You are certainly controlled by big farm and u seem to have done little or no research for someone as educated as yourself. Shame on u for all the lies u r telling. Drugs are the number three killer in the world. Yet u advocate these as if they are sent from God. What’s sent from God is the natural cures out there that u and your cronies have been suppressing for many years. God will deal with you people.

        • Dear Natural Mystic, I am afraid your info is what is outdated and totally mythical. There is no vitamin B17. It is a term that has been applied to a substance found in apricot and peach pits and almonds. It has never been proven to have any positive effect on cancer. In fact, patients may be harmed by forgoing treatments proven to work because they chose to use laetrile instead. Dr. Andrew Weil has a well written, factual explanation that you may (or may not) find helpful depending on whether you are truly interested in learning about evidence-based treatments or if you prefer to retain your belief in myths. Here is a link to Dr. Weil’s article: http://www.drweil.com/vitamins-supplements-herbs/vitamins/do-you-need-vitamin-b17/

  5. Pat, and you don’t have your own agenda to be against such a cheap alternative?

    we’ve been scammed for too long. Your opinions can be well influenced by big-pharma. These fearmongering stories from the establishment are childish. No facts, no nothing.

    Unless you prove it’s fake, nano-silver is a solution. People from Sierra Leone are confirming it’s working… also fake right?

  6. Take back your right to treat yourself, it’s your inalienable right to do so, as far as the FDA they are so infiltrated by corporations and the pharmaceutic companies why would anyone take them for face value, arn’t they the same ones that allowed the sale of bayer tainted drugs with aids for export overseas. Keep taking your obamacare checks doctor you have not lived up to your oath. But let’s not forget how fast the FDA will approve a vaccine for this manufactured stain of Ebola without the proper lengthy testing you preach about that the FDA supposedly does. FDA kills more Americans than any other factor including those evil black guns. lol Keep up the good work doctor and keep pushing that flu shot.

    • I appreciate your candor and experteise. As a Nigerian you know first hand what is really going on, not what is filtered by government and media. Of course ebola is airborne- that is how the healthcare workers got it. Because the governments don’t want to lose economically- they tell people it is not airborne. The healtcare workers didn’t wear masks as a result. Now they have changed the protective gear to a full head mask- which is what you don for airborne pathogens. Yet the officials still aren’t letting on that this is airborne- jeapordizing millions of lives. Your point about the untested vaccines and medication is well served. Unfortunately the government authorities are capitalizing on this to make millions on pharmaceuticals, and to continue the oil and gas industry and to some degree tourism.

  7. I noticed the authors works for drug companies and if anyone knows how drug companies work they know that they will invest millions on a drug, then spend millons on lobbying to get through the FDA, then spend millions to advertise and when you hear the toxic side effects and follow on to the law suits that trail after 4 or 5 years, I must say, thats quackery on the same leve but at 100 times the cost! so whos shitting who here? I take silver and not been sick in 15 years, I self treat my diabetis and have lost my neurapathy and i am 65 and still get erections .. so i say..

    • You are completely wrong. I am the author of the post and I do not now and never have worked for a drug company. I wrote this piece because, as a physician, I am appalled by this scam. BTW, may I ask, what is your relationship to the Nano Silver company?

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        Man’s knowledge of and use of silver is as old as mankind’s history and there has been volumes of research on silver for many decades. Alfred B. Searle, the founder of Searle Pharmaceuticals, which later became Monsanto Chemical Co., did scientific studies on silver and wrote a book about his research in the 1920s. Anyone claiming that credible research has not been done concerning silver is either intentionally lying or is simply ignorant of the truth and should not be in anything resembling a position of authority.

        • I am familiar with the utility of topical silver as a preventive for wound infections, however, Nano Silver is used orally. There is no evidence that it works as advertised in that form. That is why real drugs, those approved by the FDA, must undergo extensive clinical testing – first to prove that they are safe and then to prove that they are causally effective. Until this agent is put through the rigorous testing of clinical trials, it should not be promoted as a preventive or a cure. That is why the FDA issued a warning to the company.

          • why are you opposing Rima? if the people are going to die, they might as well try anything to save their lives. Let people try at least.

          • They will never allow clinical trials, the major journals are corrupted, and the results wouldnt be published anyways. There is psychopathic evil at every top level of nearly every major industry, the medical industry certainly included.

          • Pat name one of YOUR FDA approved drugs that cures anything without harmful side affects? Lit one cure you have created or found to cure, stop cancer in its tracks? You are a part of the system that’s killing our families for a dollar to please your masters of whom you serve and fear. We can see past your manipulation words and all your schooling degrease only tell me that you are a part of this countries down-fall and must be judged by the 1 supreme God for true justice of your wicked part in the demise, manipulation of the people who trust and trusted you. May whatever comes your way truly be at the hands of our true God for proper punishment and not from and man or woman of this earth.

      • As a physician you work for big pharma. We know its big pharma that has infected your universities with propaganda and corruption. We know its big pharma that pays for a doctors continued education
        We know they send representatives and bribes. And we heavily suspect they are sitting on a number of cures or refusing to develop them, in order to macimize profits. They can make more money on treatments then cures, you know this.

      • You are a hack and a shill for attacking good Dr. Rima who’s only mission in life is to help people be healthy and LIVE by avoiding the poisons your sponsors push on us! Your “medicine” kills over 100,000 people per YEAR!! What about that? Hack, do some research, join the human race and stop being a monster.

      • And we are to believe you are the exception in profits $$$$$ from drugs proscribed by you and your staff, rrrrrrrrrrright? hahahaw, look at who’s laughing at us, “all the way to the banks? No More Pat!!!!

  8. She is married to the former Head of US Army Intelligence Albert Stubblebine who makes huge sense over the 9/11 Pentagon attacks as a specialist photo-analyst and she is claiming that the virus is in fact air-born and weaponized as supported by Dr Broderick a Liberian scientist of plant pathology and should anyone be in the know she would.Its also very unlikely that money is her objective as she now lives in Chile with her retired husband as part of her work on producing food which isnt contaminated by radiation. She may genuinely believe that this is an Ebola deviant from Zaire, is air-born and that the WHO has got it completely wrong,and certainly the Spanish nurse was wearing protective clothing when she succumbed.She also claims that nano silver 10 is working in parts of W Africa where politicians have resisted the WHO.Her business has been deliberately raided in a way which appears to benefit Big Pharma because the main goal to which BP is supplicant is the extension of Africom and the undermining of Chinese influence across W Africa which is why Obama has sent 4000 grunts to shoot at the virus as compared to Cubas 165 medical staff…its all about humanitarianism of course as everyone in Sirte knows. Do you or the WHO have any better ideas on how to treat a virus which may be airborne and may be already mutating which was made in a lab 1500 miles and 3 decades away from the Zaire outbreak? Is Nano-Silver harmful in any way.NO.

  9. It has not been disproven that silver can aid as a preventative in battling ebola now has it. its natural antibodies and its overall chemistry is worth the try as a preventative. i would say it has a better chance of being a protector than anything else. use the colloidial silver spray found on many websites and select the one withthe highest ppm content. why do people scoff at a possibility of a proven product. this we do know, nothing else works, so why not try colloidial silver sprays. my dad lived to 93 and used it religiously and vary seldom was ill.

  10. Nano silver is a well known antibacterial agent, used on bandages, in clothing, in antibiotic ointments… and nano silver is easily taken up by the blood stream, in fact if over used you turn blue(far beyond what is used normally). Will it kill ebola in the system? It needs to be independently tested by someone not associated with our government because big pharma stands to lose billions of dollars of it is viable as an ebola treatment.

    • I think that if this was really effective, big pharma would just buy Dr. Rima’s company and rake in the dough for themselves.

      • You know full well that since it cant be patented that wont happen. Almost suspicious how the only treatments doctors are taught to push are the most profitable ones. I’m not saying I trust colloidial silver, it’s you and your entire industry I, and many others, are growing increasingly suspicious of.

      • You know Pat, that they are a-part of the depopulation agenda, including you. They and you have no plans of not reducing the numbers of our live, but” along the way, it is you the real salesmen of the Big pharmacy, who promote and receive payment for your part in our demise. We see who is inducing our sickness and why! You are not here to help any of use here! You are here to slow the affects of Dr Rima’s message of hope!

          • And how much are you making at our demise Pat? hahahaw Do you think I give A DAM,” about the pennies Dr. Rima Makes in comparison to your paid millions selling “We the People” your lies, destructive drugs, un-needed un-wanted expensive test, proven unnecessary time and time again nationally? Tell us, are we so petty, closed minded, that you would attempt to use this un-important tactic to say, ” And you, my dear MoorAli, are helping Dr. Rima laugh all the way to the bank! You are most despicable in your nasty tactics! Have you sean her laugh/make light of this product that you refuse to confront on open forum, but yet and still YOU KILL USE, OUR HOPES, WITH DRUGS AND TREATMENT WE KNOW DO USE LITTLE TO NO-GOOD AND YOU LAUGH YOUR WAY TO THE BANK! Hahahaw I would much rather support Dr Rima, of which you refuse to prove is wrong openly, and I don’t need your approval to use what I have against colds, cuts and infections that does work! So I say To all who don’t believe , KNOW FOR YOURSELVES, THINK FOR YOURSELVES, PUT IT TO THE TEST, SENCE YOU WONT! They like me, have nothing to lose by trying the silver, I did, my children, family, and we are happy we did!

      • I hear the worthless empty slander and resistance to this Dr Rima who claims to have fact finding proof, but what I do see and hear from most of you nay-says is your offer of proof it doesn’t work. I get the drone group followers of standard leadership belief behaviors, but I say the hell with your traditional tactics of shame , putt the woman’s proof to the test on open public forum world wide! Prove she is wrong instead of assuming, and relying of the very agencies that told us fluoride a listed poison/medicine that destroys our most important first to develop gland, 3 weeks after a woman is impregnated called the Pineal that in-fact determines our life span . General P.K. Carlton, M.D. Director of Integrative Center for Homeland Security Stated: “[Silver]” that has undergone rigorous testing has been found to “kill” Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph, and SARS. Dammit” cant you all see,” Pat is here to test you fools out as to what she knows can and will help save millions of live. Stop this this insane way of media thinking and make them prove this woman Dr Rima is wrong with open proof before the United Nations, but instead you would rather follow this woman that’s responsible for the destruction of many hearts, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc., with the use of poisonous drugs approve by the very enemy you trust. Wake the hell up and see” they offer you” NOOOOOOOOO HOPE AT ALLLLLLLLLLLL!

      • Where and what is your tried and tested proof? Call her out, put your mouth against her on open forum, as we understand it, she is willing and ready my dear Pat? smile) Do It, we will help you confront her claims. Are you a afraid, a coward with credentials, and lots of our labor funds in your bank account ?

      • Pat dear,” why don’t you and your fiends challenge Dr. Rima on national TV? Cant you guys get your hands on some HIV, Cancer cells, etc., along with independent experts to determine the affects of Nano Silver? Are you afraid to challenge her claimes?????? Tell use you liar!!!!!

      • So please elaborate… I have read the document and it appears to me to support Dr. Rima’s statements. However, I’m not a doctor, so please explain why you say this so I and others can understand


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