Muscles out of balance? Stuck in a performance rut? Maybe you need some smart shorts from Myontec?

Finnish company, Myontec (pronounced “my own tech”), makes intelligent workout shorts embedded with bio-signal sensors that can pick up the electrical activity (a variation on an EMG) of the muscles in the hams and quads—thus the name, Myo (for muscle) and My Own Tech (because you are measuring the activity of your muscles.

The sensors connect to an app (the Mbody) that uses the data to monitor muscle load, balance ratio, heart rate and cadence—no matter the physical environment or type of activity. By training using these shorts, athletes (including weekend warriors) can improve muscle balance (right vs. left side, hams vs quads) and thus improve performance. Janne Pylväs, Director of Customer Experience Management, tells me the shorts and app are also very useful after injuries to optimize rehabilitation.


Myontec’s Kickstarter campaign

Myontec graphicThe company is raising money to introduce a new functionality, the MBody Coach via their Kickstarter campaign. They say that the MBody Coach will transform intelligent sportswear system (shorts and app) into an active training partner:

“Information like muscle performance and balance, warmup threshold, injury risks, overload warnings and training instructions will be monitored based on biosignals from the body, and will be transmitted straight to the user’s ears to provide better control on training intensity.”

An MBody Coach package can be preordered through Kickstarter at a reduced campaign price of $159 between now and November 7. Here’s what you get: MShorts for runners, MCell recorder, and application for your Apple device, access to their community, and other conventional data. They say it will retail for $499. Kickstarter runs “all or nothing” campaigns so you may get nothing but a refund if the company doesn’t reach its goal of $99,000. They have raised almost $14,000 with 17 days left in the campaign.

Watch the video to learn more.



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