As the TDWI team flies off to DC to film innovators and leaders in the digital health space at the mHealth Summit (we are an official media partner), it leads me to reflect on what we have accomplished this year. Since March, The Doctor Weighs In has produced more than 60 videos to date to help tell the story of health tech innovators. Check out The Doctor Weighs In YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure.

The feedback we are getting on our videos is terrific. Entrepreneurs are using the videos in their presentations to funders, posting them on their LinkedIn pages, and more. Funders and accelerators (like HealthXL) are using the videos to get to know innovative companies and entrepreneurs they may want to reach out to.

Here, without further ado, are our 6 most popular videos to date:


Zipnosis: Minute clinic on your iPhone

Zipnosis logoJon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, one of 12 finalists in the 2014 Triple Tree iAwards at Wireless Life Science Association’s Convergence Summit, describes his company’s innovative approach to providing care for simple medical conditions for $25. Despite competing with obnoxious background music, Jon describes how Zipnosis provides a digital pipeline between patients and providers. It’s very cool. Read more HERE.


Zephyr Health: Combining disparate data for new health insights

Zephyr Health logoPat Salber, MD, interviews Sven Junkergård, the CTO for Zephyr Health, an innovative big data company. Watch the video to learn how Zephyr Health is combing disparate data sets that, prior to the development of their technology, could not be analyzed together. This innovation makes it possible for their customers to gain insights not previously possible. Sven also describes what he gained from spending 3 intense days at the HealthXL conference, meeting with Strategics (very large, often multinational companies) and discussing, outside of the usual sales conversations, how they could work together to solve big problems and challenges over time. Read more HERE.


Intelligent shorts to improve your performance

Myontec_logo The Finnish company, Myontec, makes workout shorts that are embedded with sensors that can pick up muscle activity in the hams and quads. By training with these shorts, athletes (including weekend warriors) can improve muscle balance (right vs. left side, hams vs quads). Watch as Director of Customer Experience Management Janne Pylväs explains who it works. Fun! Read more HERE.


GSMA: MegaTelecom meets healthcare

GSMA-logoMobile healthcare innovators…looking to go global? Then, this is one video you should watch. Craig Frederichs, MBCHB, MBA, the head of health for the GSM Association, describes the resources and the reach of the organization (it represents 3.5 billion sim cards!!) and how mobile health innovators can and should engage with them to move beyond the borders of the U.S. Read more HERE.


Edison Nation Medical helps unleash your inner entrepreneur

edison-nation-medical-logoAccording to Louis Foreman, CEO of Edison Nation Medical (ENM), everyone has great ideas, but not everyone wants to start a company. In fact, he says only 11% of working people are entrepreneurs. The other 89%, for a variety of reasons, are risk averse—perhaps they have 5 kids to put through college or they don’t want to (or can’t) quit their jobs. People with good ideas to improve healthcare can bring them to ENM in any form—scribbled on the proverbial napkin or prototyped and patented. ENMs sweet spot is to fine-tune the product and bring it to market. Read more HERE.


Jiff: Mining digital health for employee wellness

jiff-logoJiff provides employers with a one-stop shop for digital health via its platform. By bringing together best-of-breed apps, wearables, and other health programs, Jiff allows employers the opportunity to customize their digital health offerings and map them to challenges, incentives, & achievements. Jiff works with its digital health partners to analyze the use of the apps. Employees can be rewarded for use or for the achievement of a health process or outcome measure (e.g., lost 10 pounds or reduced hemoglobin A1c). The success metrics can be tied back to incentives, such as reductions in employee out-of-pocket health insurance expenses. Read more HERE.



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