By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

First posted on 12/20/2013

Besides being a gifted voice in the expanding mhealth or emerging digital  technologies ecosystem, and measured competition amidst a growing portfolio patient empowerment tools seeking health status or outcomes relevance and impact, Eric Dishman is the General Manager of Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group with shall we say – ‘skin in the game.’ Follow both @intel and @ericdishman for cutting edge innovation both at the technology platform and device level but also in the business model domain as witnessed by their direct contracting initiatives in securing affordable health benefits for their employees and retirees; see: ‘Employer-Led Innovation for Healthcare Delivery and Payment Reform: Intel Corporation and Presbyterian Healthcare Services.’

In this chat Dr. Pat Salber learns from a man who’s recent health challenges have underscored both his and the company’s determination to ‘save lives’.



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