By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

First posted on 12/23/2013

The PBM (“pharmacy benefit management”) segment is arguably a mature industry spawning from a health 1.0 version of managed care initiatives (aka legacy ‘discounted medicine’). Perhaps operating as a single service vs. the global challenge of brethren acute or chronic disease focused managed care organizations, PBMs have demonstrated relative superior value to their clients and stakeholders via focus and execution. Follow the company on twitter via @surescripts and access details of the Surescripts mission and narrative here.

As we stand at the dawn of the ‘healthcare at your fingertips’ enabled revolution it makes sense that major PBMs are at the table in a big way in the evolution and maturation of the mhealth ecosystem.

In this interview Dr. Pat Salber chats with Harry Totonis, President and CEO of Surescripts.

More about Totonis per Surescripts:

Harry Totonis is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts. An executive with extensive experience in information services and a track record of running successful network-based businesses, Totonis joined Surescripts in March of 2009.

Prior to Surescripts, Totonis was head of Advisors Services at MasterCard, the professional and information services arm of MasterCard Worldwide. While at MasterCard, Totonis expanded the company into decision analytics and information-based products. He was responsible for a global team that spanned business development and sales, product innovation, technology development and customer delivery. During his tenure, Totonis developed and executed the strategy for Advisors Services’ and MasterCard’s information and analytics services – a board level initiative – while expanding service offerings and streamlining operations. This resulted in significant overall revenue growth and substantial increases to revenue and net income per employee for Advisors Services.

During 14 years with Booz Allen Hamilton, Totonis focused on strategy consulting for large global companies across network-intensive sectors including technology, processing, consumer banking, insurance and airlines. He served in several executive positions, including managing partner of the firm’s global banking and insurance practice and as a member of the firm’s executive leadership team. His clients included Visa International, American Express, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and others.

Prior to MasterCard, as CEO of Kinexus, Totonis led the development and growth of a private banking network that enabled banks to share information and deliver better financial advice to their customers.

Totonis earned an undergraduate degree in computer science from The Ohio State University and an MBA in finance from Fisher College. While at Ohio State he worked on National Science Foundation computing research grants, which included responsibility for the development of price indices that measured national spending on education on behalf of the federal government.

Totonis was featured in the top selling book: “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers”.


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