By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

First posted on 12/22/2013

Another soft spoken but determined voice and activist walking the talk in the health innovation space is Esther Dyson@edyson the principal organizer, chairman and driving force behind the Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup). The HICCup ‘manifesto’ describes the effort as: ‘a self-appointed counseling service aimed at persuading local institutions to embrace a long-term perspective and launch a full-scale intervention in their communities’ and can be read in fullhere. HICCup can be followed on twitter via @HICCup_co.

Esther is “an entrepreneur and angel investor concentrating on emerging markets and technologies, and principal of EDventure Holdings. She is a board member of numerous companies, including 23andMeEventful, Meetup,NewspaperDirect (now PressReader), Voxiva, WPP Group, XCOR Aerospace, and Yandex, and was an early investor in such notable start-ups as Evernote, Flickr, Mashery, Medstory, Omada Health, and Square‘.

I first met her years ago at Health 2.0 where one of her characterizations of ‘legacy healthcare’ was as a ‘calcified hairball’. She had me then and candidly the ‘resistance is futile’ visual still resonates today though peppered with causes for optimism. A virgin to the mHealth Summit Esther participated in a powerful ‘fireside chat’ moderated by Steven Krein, CEO of StartUp Health with fellow transformer AOL Founder Steve Case, then joined us on Stage 1 in the Digital Health Pavilion.



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