I am proud to be a member of the Western Regional Council of Medshare. It is a fantastic organization that repurposes still good medical supplies and equipment that otherwise might have end up in landfill.

We send these supplies to areas of the world (including the US) that are in need. And, we don’t just send any old donated equipment they happen to have, rather, we send equipment that the local health care providers tell us they need. In addition, because we have been doing the work for many years, we know how to actually get the supplies into the countries and into the hands of the professionals that will use them.

MedShare Fights Ebola

As the ebola epidemic started spiraling out of control, we worked with our partners to get shipments into the West African countries that are sorely in need of them. Here (from our website) is what we have accomplished so far:

“Through the generous donations of our individual, hospital, and corporate partners, we are continuing to add life-saving supplies and protective clothing items – disposable gowns, gloves, operating room caps, shoe covers, and masks – to our special air shipments and 40-foot containers headed to West Africa.

  • MedShare’s partnership with the the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation continues with the shipment of 459 boxes of medical supplies valued at approximately $46,000 USD from our SE Distribution Center on September 5.  The Ebola relief supplies were airlifted to Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia from Hartsfield-Jackson  Airport.
  • Gbowee Peace Foundation USA’s airlift of 400 boxes of medical supplies from MedShare valued at  $55,000 USD has arrived in Liberia. The supplies are being distributed to seven community clinics in Monrovia, including Hope for Women International. The Foundation supports the work of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian, and head of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa.
  •  The Rockdale (GA) Foundation is supporting the shipment of a 40-foot MedShare container of medical supplies and equipment to Moyamba Government Hospital in Sierra Leone. The supplies left MedShare from Atlanta on Friday, September 12th.
  •  United Parcel Service  staffers from the Atlanta legal department volunteered at our SE Distribution Center on September 5th. They created 76 boxes and diverted 2,163 lbs from U.S. landfills. UPS is covering the ocean freight shipping costs of  approximately 10 to 12 forty-foot containers from MedShare to West Africa.The first of those containers was sent to Holy Spirit Hospital in Sierra Leone from our SE Distribution Center on September 12th. It will include some of the supplies sorted by the UPS legal staffers during their volunteer session at MedShare
  • Community Medical Centers in Fresno, California provided a generous donation of Ebola specific supplies and a container sponsorship, which MedShare will be shipping soon to one of the West Africa countries treating large numbers of Ebola patients.

MAP International to join MedShare in Ebola aid shipments to West Africa

MAP International is partnering with MedShare to provide vital pharmaceuticals on future  MedShare shipments to the West African countries battling the Ebola outbreak.  We are most effective when we work together as a team,” said MAP CEO Steve Stirling with MedShare CEO and President Charles Redding. “Working together we can save additional lives.”


Medical Mission Teams

We continue to equip medical mission teams from our Southeast and Western region Distribution Centers who are sending or taking supplies to West Africa to help contain the spread of the Ebola virus. Some of those include:

  • St. Anne’s Parish/ Smiles for Liberia
  • National Association of Sierra Leoneans
  • Living in  North America (NOSLINA)
  • Hospitals for Humanity
  • Seek Ye First His Kingdom Fellowship Church
  • Humanity First
  • Liberians Against Ebola
  • Damaro Hospital
  • Healthy Nation
  • Ahead Ministries
  • Gateway Bible Church”

Please help us continue to do this work by making a donation today.



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