Paul Levy
Paul Levy, Host of (Not) Running a Hospital

By Paul Levy

First Posted at Not Running a Hospital on 2/22/2014

Paul Levy, Host of (Not) Running a Hospital
Paul Levy, Host of (Not) Running a Hospital

I was pleased to be invited by Dr. Richard J. Cohen, Whitaker Professor in Biomedical Engineering, to address a new class he is offering at MIT, called “Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs.” The goal of the course is to teach a bit about medicine to individuals who have a career interest in starting or managing a biomedical company.  The students in the course are a mix of MBA students and graduate students in various science and engineering departments at MIT.

As always, I promised (threatened?) students who asked good questions or gave good answers that they might end up on this blog.  I don’t have room for them all (and, sorry, but some pictures were blurred) but here’s Sahar Hashmi,  a soon-to-be Ph.D. and the teaching assistant for the class, who not only had good questions but also had a number of excellent observations about how to bring about change in the health care environment.


And here’s Samantha Simmons who is working on a fascinating start-up calledCurative Orthopaedics, which designs comfortable orthopedic wear to promote the recovery of broken bones, the healing of musculoskeletal injuries, and the reduction of fibromyalgia pain.

It was privilege to be invited, and I’m sure that the people shown here and their colleagues will make important contributions to the field.



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