I caught up with Santosh Cherian, MD, Founder and UX Architect of digital health start-up, Medtrics, at the Health Tech Conference in Santa Clara in October 2015. Medtrics is a comprehensive digital clinical education management platform that standardizes assessment of clinical competency of physicians in training (e.g., interns and residents).

The platform makes a number of administrative functions related to residency training much easier for everyone involved, including the faculty that has to assess performance of each resident, the residents that have to track their hours, number of procedures done and so forth, and the administrators that have to report results to accrediting bodies every six months.

What amazes me the most about this story is that Santosh (he goes by “Tosh”) is a resident himself (Radiologist at Geisinger). I still don’t quite understand how residents can start companies while they are in training, but they are doing it all over the country. The good news for Tosh is that Medtrics has paying customers (9 training programs so far) and they are growing. They also continue to refine their product.

Tosh does a great job of explaining the features of his program in the video, so I won’t repeat it all here. Rather, you should…


…watch the video to learn more about this very interesting company:


Closing note:

This is a great example of someone taking on what might seem like a mundane issue—tracking clinical performance of residents, then designing a user-friendly app to make it more efficient. Medtrics squeezes the waste out of a tedious, paper-based process and that is a very good thing. Great job Tosh and Team!



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