What I love about Chuck Thornbury, MD is that he really understands primary care physician practice workflow.   Because of that, he was able to design his mobile-to-mobile online delivery model, called meVisit, to really make it easy for patients to connect with their own doctors electronically – using what ever method they prefer (desktop,  tablet, mobile). The doctors can respond by using their mobile phones – they are always on and always there.   This means docs can conduct after hours care where ever they happen to be (hopefully not in a movie theater).  So, no more staying late at the office or being tied to the desktop answering 1 am emails.

I had a chance to interview Chuck on camera at HiMSS14 in Orlando.  Watch as he describes his approach:

If you want to learn more about the “Implications of a Mobile -to-Mobile Online Delivery Model” be sure to read Chuck’s chapter of the same name in the newly released HiMSS book, “mHealth Innovation:  Best Practices from the Mobile Frontier” (edited by Rick Krohn and David Metcalf).



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