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reptiles pets

Did You Know That Reptiles Can Be Great Pets?

Johnathan David - 7/14/2020 - 3

Reptiles as pets? Geckos, and dragons, and snakes! Oh my! […]

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lecithin capsules closeup photo

Lecithin Supplements: Weighing Risks vs. Benefits

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 7/2/2020 - 222

Before you take lecithin supplements, you should weigh the lack of credible evidence of benefits against scientific literature that suggests safety concerns.

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TakeCHARGE: How Turning 18 Changed My Healthcare Forever

Abby Briggs - 6/29/2020 - 0

A college student describes how the TakeCHARGE 5 Steps program helped her when she turned 18 and healthcare changed for her forever.

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healthy during COVID

How to Stay Healthy During the COVID Crisis

Morgan Rose Elliott - 6/26/2020 - 1

There are simple ways to help prioritize your mental and physical health and keep it from deteriorating during the COVID 19 crisis.

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phases of disaster covid map

The Phases of a Disaster: Are We Headed Towards Disillusionment? 

Erick Messias, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. - 6/15/2020 - 1

A model of the phases of disaster suggests that we’ve passed through the first four phases and are now headed into the fifth: the phase of disillusionment.

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kids trampoline boy jumping

How to Make Trampolines Safer for Kids

Alex Cordier - 6/12/2020 - 5

Minimize the risk of kids getting injured on trampolines by purchasing the right equipment, having strict trampoline rules, and providing adult supervision.

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Raising Chickens for Health and Happiness

Chris Lesley - 6/11/2020 - 0

Hard to believe that some chickens are bred to be pets that love to cuddle and also have side benefits including fresh eggs, garden fertilizer, and sources of human exercise – and more!.

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